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    The Von Erichs Family & Tragedy

    Dark Side of the Ring is a wrestling documentary that usually hits the viewers right in the feels. While some episodes in the latest season were pretty hit or miss for me, a lot of the ones from the first 2 seasons were pretty solid. Many of the episodes were interesting and left me feeling […] More

  • The Beatles in Get Back

    From Let It Be to The Beatles: Get Back

    More than fifty years after their breakup, The Beatles can still entice and enthrall. Peter Jackson’s new documentary project, a minor miracle of restorative editing, proves just that, presenting the foursome in a new, full light, with a richness of detail literally never seen before. His three-part series The Beatles: Get Back resuscitates the vexed […] More

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    Brawl For All: The Worst Idea In Wrestling

    WWF’s Brawl for All tournament took place over the summer of 1998, beginning on June 29th, 1998 with the final taking place on August 24th, 1998. Many people in the industry have called the Brawl for All tournament the worst idea in wrestling, including many people actively involved in the booking of it, such as […] More

  • Naomi Osaka looks upwards as she wears a visor during a tennis match

    Netflix’s Naomi Osaka: A Partial Look at an Enigmatic Champion

    Naomi Osaka, the three-part Garrett Bradley-directed docuseries recently released on Netflix, should offer a compelling study. After all, its subject is a four-time Grand Slam champion, a lock for the Hall of Fame, currently the second-highest ranking woman, and poised this month to challenge for Olympic Gold in her native Japan. Osaka is also a […] More

  • Brian Pillman standing mid ring taking in the crowd's reaction
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    Dark Side of the Ring S3E1&2: Brian Pillman

    Dark Side of the Ring returned for its third season premiere last week with a 2-hour episode looking at “The Loose Cannon”, Brian Pillman. It was an episode that, for many long time fans, didn’t offer much in terms of new information on Brian Pillman’s life and legacy but it did offer several far more […] More

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    Bruiser Brody: A Cautionary Tragedy

    My Intro to Dark Side of the Ring During the start of quarantine, I found myself trying to figure out things that I would do to kill some time, being that work was at a standstill and I was home. Wrestling became a big source of my entertainment last year as far as watching old […] More

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    The Dark Side of The Montreal Screwjob

    Thank you for joining us here at Sports Obsessive. Today is all about S1 E2 of Vice’s Dark Side of The Ring: The Montreal Screwjob. Before we get into it, I have a question for you. Was The Montreal Screwjob a work or a shoot? Was Bret “The Hitman” Hart screwed over or were we (the […] More

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