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  • Dana leans out a window in FX on Hulu's Kindred
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    FX’s Kindred Shows the Present Is Not So Different From the Past

    The following contains some spoilers for Season 1 of Kindred (created by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins and based on the book by Octavia E. Butler) Showrunner Branden Jacobs-Jenkins brings a fresh and modern perspective to Octavia Butler’s acclaimed novel Kindred. Core elements of the story remain the same, as Dana James (Mallori Johnson), a 26-year-old who’s recently […] More

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    The White Lotus Season 1 Recap: Packing Our Bags to Leave Maui

    It’s been about 15 months since we last visited the beautiful but troubled White Lotus resort on the island of Maui. Surely by now the TripAdvisor score has had a chance to recover, right? There’s no telling how many one-star reviews they received when, over the course of one week, there was a homicide, some […] More

  • Teenagers stand around holding flashlights and looking at a book in The Midnight Club

    Mike Flanagan’s Midnight Club of Mixed Messages

    The following contains some spoilers for The Midnight Club Season 1 Based on Christopher Pike’s novel of the same name, Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong’s The Midnight Club tugs at three major tropes: nested stories; “Teenage Cancerland”; and the Horror genre’s classic Haunted House. Christopher Pike has an extensive portfolio of works, mainly in the […] More

  • Dream's head in front of a cloudy dark background in The Sandman
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    New Dreams, New Nightmares: The Sandman, Season 1

    I first read The Sandman comics when I was 15 years old. I lived in the middle of nowhere in Indiana, and like most great things in life, I discovered The Sandman through singer-songwriter Tori Amos. Tori referenced Neil and the Dream King himself in a song on her first album, and she has continued […] More

  • Cal and Juliette stand over a dead body in their school hallway

    First Kill Season 1 Is a Bloodthirsty, Saccharine, Shakespearean Romp

    The following contains spoilers for First Kill Season 1 One of the immediate criticisms about First Kill is its “cheesiness.” It’s a critique that feels warranted after viewing the CGI effects in some of the later episodes. It doesn’t take a keen eye to realize that First Kill didn’t get the thirty-million-dollars-an-episode budget that the […] More

  • Five shirtless men, all missing teeth, in a hockey locker room

    Shoresy Brings Lowbrow Laughs and High-Energy Sports to the Rink

    Crave‘s new original sports comedy series, Shoresy, revolves around a character from another Canadian sitcom who’s mostly known for using the toilet and insulting his teammates. This may not sound like a promising setup for a series, but longtime fans of Letterkenny such as myself already know how much fun the titular Shoresy can be. He’s […] More

  • Alma looks towards us

    Undone Season 2 Asks Us To Live in the Truth

    The following contains spoilers for Undone Season 2 in its entirety (written by Kate Purdy & Raphael Bob-Waksberg and directed by Hisko Hulsing) Undone Season 2 begins and ends with Alma (Rosa Salazar) at the cave and the immediate aftermath of this scene. Of course, the two times are different in terms of what that […] More

  • Alma looks bewildered as the sun cuts across her face at the end of Undone Season 1

    Revisiting Undone Season 1 in Preparation for Season 2

    The following contains spoilers for Undone Season 1 (created by Kate Purdy & Raphael Bob-Waksberg and directed by Hisko Hulsing) Undone is a show cut through with ambiguity. It’s there in the very title, which might either refer to Alma (Rosa Salazar) trying to change the past or to the unraveling of her psyche. The […] More

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