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At TV Obsessive, our wager is that people want substance, depth and insightful analysis; that people want to read things about TV that are thought provoking and engage in dialogue about the shows they love. We aim to resist all of the forces in the world that can make the internet terrible and be something of a bastion for nuance.

The purpose of TV Obsessive is to provide writers with the space to explore their ideas and to produce exceptional work that’s worth reading. Our highest value is the quality of the work, and the creation of a community of thoughtful TV viewers who are interested in engaging with things in depth (this includes our readers).

At TVObs, nothing is too niche. No show is too obscure and no dive is too deep. We aim to publish the article you feel compelled to mention to your friends when the show comes up. We want to be your favorite place to read about TV. That means digging in on the old shows we love, and writing about the new shows we might come to love just as much.

Pretension, condescension, and jockeying for status have no place at TVObs. We’re here to write honestly about the TV we love, to obsess over it and provide food for thought. There is no objective point of view, and we won’t pretend there is one. We’ll avoid the editorial we as much as possible, and write in the first person singular when appropriate. In the absence of objectivity, being forthright about one’s perspective is an approach to truth.

We won’t publish clickbait, and we’ll do our best to adhere to old-timey journalistic standards, like having headlines that tell you what the article is about.

I hope you enjoy the site.

Caemeron Crain
Executive Editor
TV Obsessive