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  • Dark-haired woman in dark clothes kneeling with hair eyes looking towards camera

    This Time It’s Personal — An Interview with Salt Ashes

    Move over, Kylie! There is a new dance-pop star on the horizon. Salt Ashes is insanely talented, fiercely independent and has a sharp wit that makes interviews with her a real treat. You probably already read the review of her album and now you have your chance to get to know more about the person […] More

  • Bearded singer in dark sunglasses (Grant Nicholas of Welsh rock band Feeder) singing to the mic on a leafy background

    How “Just The Way I’m Feeling” by Feeder Made Me an Indie Rock Fan

    I’m a huge fan of electronic music—I’ve already proven this many times. In particular, the sound of 80s synth pop has always been important to me, but there was also a time when indie rock ruled my heart. Back in 2003, a single by British trio Feeder called “Just the Way I’m Feeling” sealed the […] More

  • Totoro on tree branch over river with Satsuki and Mei fishing

    A Sorta Fairytale: My Neighbor Totoro Soundtrack Appreciation Post

    Late ’80s might be the era of Guns N’ Roses and Public Enemy, but mainstream music of that time was mostly sickly, unapologetically sweet. The US had hair metal ballads, but the trend was even more widespread in other territories. I wrote a little about it on this site recently. Sweetness seems a good approach […] More

  • The singer (Neil Tennant) in a purple vest and shirt stays on the CGI field background (including the circle formed with bright lightbulbs to his right) with his arms folded.
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    Twelve Non-PSB Songs Pet Shop Boys Fans Would Appreciate

    The more I listen to Pet Shop Boys, the more I think their electro-pop brand is really unique. It’s a tough act to marry bombastic, danceable production with witty, biting lyrics. Thanks to the keen awareness of the club music evolution and sly songwriting this British act was always one step ahead of the Stock […] More

  • Slim Pickens rides a nuke in Dr. Strangelove
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    The Best ’80s Pop Songs About Nuclear Apocalypse

    There was a good point in the analysis of the lyrics of the Polish 1983 rock song “Zamki na piasku” (Castles in the Sand) published by the monthly Teraz Rock in the early aughts. The line went more or less like this: You people think that terrorism is a modern phenomenon but people in the […] More

  • Two men sitting on a bench. On the left Chris Lowe (Pet Shop Boys) in a black wool cap and leather jacket, looking down pensively. On the right Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys) in tuxedo, black bowtie and a scarf, singing.
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    A Perfect Ten: It’s Bloody Pet Shop Boys, Sweetie!

    Pet Shop Boys deserve admiration for many reasons. They taught us it’s never too late for a career in pop music and that perfectionism pays (at least sometimes). When they broke through with “West End Girls” in 1986, they were working together for six years but they took their time to polish their sound. As […] More