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  • Barry prepares to turn himself in

    The Barry Series Finale Sticks the Landing

    The Barry series finale has aired and will inevitably draw some mixed reviews. Bill Hader, Alec Berg and company went out their way, with their vision, and stayed true to the kind of show they wanted to make from Day 1. It was violent, awkward, hilarious and full of lots of commentary. But that’s always […] More

  • Kendall stares at the sea, defeated

    Succession Series Finale Breakdown: Family

    The Succession series finale is now in the books. I haven’t seen any social media reactions as of this writing, but “With Open Eyes” was a tough watch. It’s depressing. It’s true to life and to the characters. This series was a tragedy more than a drama or even a comedy, and like any tragedy, […] More

  • The Roy siblings and Willa at the service for their dad

    Succession S4E9 Breakdown: He Broke Your Heart Too

    The penultimate episode of Succession is in the books. The promise made in the beginning of the series—that one of the Roy siblings would replace their father—is where we’re at here at the end of the series. Succession S4E9, titled “Church and State,” saw us likely say goodbye to many, possibly shed a few tears, […] More

  • Sally makes a call from the airport

    Barry S4E7 Breakdown: Endgame

    Barry’s penultimate episode was one of the series finest. Hysterical yet full of drama, action and twists and turns, all of which have become hallmarks of the show. It’s astonishing how much Bill Hader and team packs into 30 minutes. A tightly compacted story that is still funny in ways unlike any other show on […] More

  • Kendall walks into the office on election night

    Succession S4E8 Breakdown: False Flag

    The third to last episode of Succession is in the books and well, it was explosive. Literally. Succession S4E8 saw the Roy siblings (plus Tom) turn on one another in dramatic fashion on election night, with the stakes as high as they could possibly get. We’re about to get into heavy spoiler territory so if […] More

  • Barry kneels before his son with Sally watching

    Barry S4E6 Breakdown: Bingo!

    Can every day be like Dave & Buster’s? Cristobal thought so, may he rest in peace. The third to last episode of Bill Hader and Alec Berg’s ground breaking series, Barry, was perhaps the most tense episode in series history, all while managing to work in some genuine laughs, David Lynch-like surrealism and yes, you […] More

  • Shiv, Roman and Kendall huddle at the tail gate party

    Succession S4E7 Breakdown: Reverse Viking Mode

    I really don’t want Succession to go. I totally admire Jesse Armstrong’s desire to go out on top, tell the story he wants to tell and be done, but I already want more. “Tailgate Party,” the seventh episode in the series’ final season, was both an indicator that the story is concluding as well as […] More

  • Barry as Clark, wearing glasses and looking up from a chair

    Barry S4E5 Breakdown: Who’s Barry?

    Last week’s episode of Barry was a tipping point for the season and series. I wrote of the darkness that surrounded all of our characters and questioned if there could be better times ahead. We saw what appeared to be a flash forward and questioned if it was real or not, and exactly how far […] More

  • Kendall on stage looking at his father on a video projector

    Succession S4E6 Breakdown: The Effects of Grief

    We’re in the home stretch for Succession now. “Living+” was the sixth episode of the final season, meaning we now just have four more episodes with the Roy siblings, Cousin Greg, Tom and even Carl, who really wants his golden parachute. If you haven’t seen Succession S4E6, we’re about to get into heavy spoiler territory […] More

  • Hank and Cristobal throw their men a party

    Barry S4E4 Breakdown: Darkness, But Is There a Dawn?

    Sometimes television can rip your heart out. Final seasons of shows like Six Feet Under, LOST, Breaking Bad and The Sopranos all had pivotal episodes in their final seasons that made us wonder if there was any hope to come. There’s darkness, but will there be a dawn? History has shown us that sometimes in television, […] More

  • Roman and Kendall fight with Matsson on a mountaintop

    Succession S4E5 Breakdown: GoJo or GoNo?

    We are now officially halfway through the final season of Succession. Despite the fact that most of us have pre-grieved, it stings all the same. “Kill List” marks the halfway point and continues the Succession tradition of at least one episode a year taking place somewhere in Europe. Norway was our destination this time and despite […] More

  • Hank sits on a desk next to Cristobal

    Barry S4E3 Breakdown: Monsters All Around Us

    The final season of Barry is still a phrase I’m not fond of saying but damn, this show is going out with a bang. Not a bang from a failed gadget either. A big bang. A real one. One that hurts. One that has us questioning where things are going. One that still makes us laugh […] More

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