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  • The characters of Steven Universe stand together in a green field with a blue cloudy sky

    Favourite LGBT Representation in TV

    In honour of Pride Month, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at some of my favourite TV shows with LGBT representation. It’s incredibly validating to see aspects of your gender identity in a character and extremely important for younger generations to have these, as it opens up conversations, encourages people to learn […] More

  • Star Trek Discovery logo

    Star Trek: Discovery S2E3 – “Point of Light”

    The Klingons—newly redesigned seemingly for the express purpose of making fanboys gripe less—make their Season 2 debut while Michael Burnham confronts her mother and Tilly sees belligerent dead people in this week’s Star Trek: Discovery episode, “Point of Light.” There’s an awful lot of seemingly disparate and very talky plot threads all competing for prominence this […] More

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    Star Trek: Discovery S2E2 – “New Eden”

    Faith: The Final Frontier. That’s essentially where Star Trek: Discovery seems to be heading in Season 2. Science vs. Faith. Proof vs. Belief. Empirical knowledge vs. Spirituality. Where does one end and the other begin? How can either be justified in the face of the other? These are the questions raised by the second episode (“New Eden,” […] More