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  • Krycek holds his nerve while addressing The Smoking Man (off-screen)
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    If Krycek Were the Main Character of The X-Files…

    Last year I wrote what I believed would be my one and only Krycek essay, into which I poured nearly everything I could possibly deduce about his character. If you haven’t read it (I won’t take it personally, although I assure you it’s good stuff!), I will reiterate the most basic summary of his character: […] More

  • Two judges hold up '10' scorecards in the ballroom

    Let Your Body Move To The Music: Favourite Songs Of Pose

    Pose is one of a kind: joyful, tragic, gorgeous, and queer. I can honestly say that no other TV show has moved me to tears so frequently. Transgender representation on TV is pretty thin on the ground (even as gay and bisexual representation is on the rise) but here is a show that celebrates the […] More

  • Mulder and Krycek stand nose-to-nose as Scully looks on
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    Queering The X-Files

    I began this month by pointing out how The X-Files generally encourages us to believe in a human soul, citing the regular appearances of ghosts and other immortal spirits. There is one notable exception that I can think of. In Season 4’s ‘Small Potatoes’, Mulder says: “maybe it’s other people’s reactions to us that make […] More

  • Mulder holds his hands to his face, mouth open
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    Essentialism and Existentialism in The X-Files and Its Fandom

    A clickbait article about an X-Files reboot recently did the rounds on Twitter, and it had some fans reeling. Twitter user @KaryGetz wrote, “There’s no X Files without Mulder and Scully. Doing something without them is not understanding the essence of the show,” and the word “essence” stood out to me. Being part of the […] More

  • The study group shares a final hug in the Community finale

    TV Taught Me It’s Okay for Things To Change

    Recently I was, not for the first time, watching the Friends series finale. I watched Monica and Chandler pack up and move out of the iconic apartment, knowing that this was the end of an era; for both the characters and the viewer, things could never go back to the way they had been for […] More

  • Phil smiles as Claire hugs him from behind

    The Everything Mop Scene from Modern Family Is the Perfect Gift

    Modern Family is a mockumentary style sitcom about one extended family living in suburban California. It is the ultimate kind of comfort television, adored for its silliness and unrelenting optimism. I started watching the show when it was in its seventh season (admittedly just so that I’d have something to talk about with a guy […] More

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    Justice, the Antihero, and Other Myths in Aquarius

    Like many people, I arrived at Aquarius via the fandom of David Duchovny. And fan Twitter being what it is, I had expectations about who Sam Hodiak would be that really failed to prepare me for meeting this obstinate and Byronic character. But this is a show that takes the serious (though not the only […] More

  • Calmly waiting for the elevator doors to close, Krycek stares evilly at someone off-screen
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    There Is No Truth About Alex Krycek

    A rat is said to variously symbolise cowardice, impoverishment, tenacity, and intelligence. Certainly “rat boy” is meant as an insult by many (and an endearment by some) though it may be the perfect epithet for The X-Files’ wiliest character. Alex Krycek first appeared in Season 2, and despite the fact he was only meant to […] More

  • Black oil spills from the eyes and nose of a man lying on the ground
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    My Favourite Monsters, or 7 Ways of Looking at The X-Files

    It always seems that someone somewhere has something new to say about The X-Files. Why is that? Part of its charm, and certainly the strength of its format, is that it is both one continuous story and a hundred little stories stitched together. Combine this with the millions of personalities in the fanbase, and it […] More

  • Wearing his iconic eye patch, Evil Morty gazes at an explosion that is reflected in his spaceship window

    Rick and Morty S5E10: Evil is Relative in ‘Rickmurai Jack’

    A season finale ought to do two things: wrap up the themes and plot lines of the season, while leaving enough open to tease the audience about seasons still to come. Rick and Morty S5E10 returns to a story line that has been left hanging since Season 3’s fantastic ‘Tales From the Citadel’, turning the […] More

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