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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 48: News, Notes & Sugar Episode 6

Henry, looking at Melanie in a motel room
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This week, on The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 48, Caemeron and Ryan talk about Sugar Episode 6, “Go Home.” But first, in the news:

Caemeron recommends (and explains) Jeopardy! Masters. Ryan has been watching Baby Reindeer, just like seemingly everyone else.

Stallings looks on smugly
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On Sugar S1E6, “Go Home”

After Davy shot himself at the end of Episode 5, Bernie and Margit learn he has brain trauma and will never recover. Bernie goes to Jonathan, his ailing father, confesses they will let Davy die, and breaks down at the thought that he tried to make Davy happy instead of teaching him the right things to do.

Charlie is stalking Stallings so she can alert Sugar. Eventually Stallings returns home declaring a “change of plans” to his crew because he has been tipped off that Sugar is coming.

Sugar mysteriously calms Stallings’ dogs before entering the house. Stallings’ men trick Sugar into a trap and are about to kill him before Sugar fights them, kills the two thugs and interrogates Stallings, before killing him as well. He sees on Stallings’ phone that Ruby tipped him off about Sugar coming.

Meanwhile, Charlie has been captured and Sugar can’t locate her.

A badly injured Sugar makes his way to Melanie and they call Henry to help fix him because he can’t go to a hospital. Henry tells her he has to stay put.

Sugar still finds a way to confront Ruby about her betrayal. Ruby won’t help him and tells him to stop looking for Olivia.

Back at his room, Sugar is struggling physically and decides to “take a break” for one night and injects himself with something that turns him into what looks like a blue extraterrestrial.

  • What is John Sugar?
  • Who else is what he is?
  • What kind of plan does the Polyglot Society have?
  • How does Olivia factor in?
  • Is Charlie OK?

Next Time on The TV Obsessive Podcast…

We continue to discuss Sugar by looking at Episode 7.

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