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  • My character stands with the villagers of my Animal Crossing island during a ceremony.

    Coming Home During Quarantine- Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    As a U.S. military member stationed in the Kingdom of Spain, I couldn’t manage to avoid the restriction of movement, quarantine, lock down, house arrest (whatever you wanna call it) implemented across pretty much the whole world during the past few months. This is all in an effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus […] More

  • Sobble looks ahead with a sad face and timid demeanor.

    Sobbing With Sobble in Pokemon Sword and Shield

    With Pokémon Sword and Shield coming out in a little less than a month, the hype cannot be more real. Game Freak, Inc.—the developer, for those uninitiated—has been noticeably more tight-lipped when it comes to information this time around as compared to previous games, and one could argue that it’s made the anticipation way stronger […] More

  • Rorchach inspecting an object in his hand

    A King-Sized Death Wish: Rorschach’s Existentialism

    In Alan Moore’s Watchmen, Walter Kovacs, AKA Rorschach, is a character considered by a lot of readers to be a deontologist—and no, this is not some kind of creepy doctor. A deontologist is someone who believes that the morality of actions should be based on whether they are right or wrong according to whatever specific set […] More