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  • An abstract drawing adorns the cover of black midi's Hellfire

    Black Midi: Hellfire — Showtunes for the Apocalypse

    Right from conception, listeners held Black Midi as something special, spawning near the center of discourse with their first single “bmbmbm”, a gibbering bit of pummeling noise rock awesomeness which perked the ears of the buggier side of the music listening spectrum. This initial wave of intrigue manifested into the critical acclaim of Schlagenheim, their […] More

  • Drawn figures sit in a tree on the cover of Destroyer Labyrinthitis

    Destroyer: Labyrinthitis — Dan Bejar Admits Confusion in the Disoriented and Labyrinthine Cold Glitz

    Listening to Labyrinthitis for the first time—as with any Destroyer record—is to step into the unknown. Destroyer is beyond genres, making snap changes from a tight, folksy glam rock album to an actively maculated lo-fi rock record, to an unwarned dabbling in sophisti-pop. The only real precedent which Destroyer rests on is Dan Bejar’s thin […] More