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  • The OA Season 2 titles

    Upstaging the Octopus – The OA, Part 2 (or Season 2)

    Eight episodes are not enough. Nowhere near. And I cannot be the only one who is horrified at that thought of waiting another two years for the next installment (a guess based on how long it took for this new season to appear)! Part 2 of the series The OA is a different beast to […] More

  • The OA Angel of Death

    Rocking the Metaphorical Boat: The OA Part 2, Episode 1

    Paul Billington shares his thoughts about the first episode of Part 2 of The OA, and is joined by Martin Hearn, Anthony Drivers and Laura Stewart for a brief discussion. This post contains spoilers for Season 2 Episode 1 of The OA (and the first season) only. OK, who knew that alternate dimensions were really […] More

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    The OA: A Look Forward to What is Next

    Last time I talked a little about the first season of The OA, its premise and some of the themes running throughout, with a particular view in what made it so unique. It was an incredible eight episodes, with lots to ponder, and it ended with many questions—questions of validity (of Prairie’s story), of destiny […] More

  • The OA title

    The OA: A Look Back at Season 1

      “…no one can be told what The Matrix is. You’ll have to see it for yourself..“ – Morpheus, The Matrix To attempt to describe The OA is to struggle with words themselves. If words were to be the only physical, tangible attempts at communication, then I could write a lot of words and never […] More

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    The Innocents: Parts 5 – 8

    Episode 5: “Passionate Amateur” Episode 6: “Not The Only Freak in Town” Episode 7: “Will You Take Me Too?” Episode 8: “Everything. Anything.”  So, something happened when I kicked off Episode 5: the show ceased to be something to impress my TV-soaked mind. It became a show that had impressed my TV-soaked mind. My biggest […] More

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    The Innocents: Parts 1-4

    Episode 1: “The Start Of Us” Episode 2: “Keep Calm, Come To No Harm” Episode 3: “Bubblegum and Bleach” Episode 4: “Deborah” “We talked about this and you agreed.. This young girl, she needs us.” “If June is one of us, she’s in danger.” “We both ran away to be who we wanted to be..” […] More

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    Through the TV of Future Past – Musings on Nostalgia

    So.. I’m feeling nostalgic (again – jeez, I’m only mid-40’s).  It’s a weekend and I’m not in the mood for my current shows – the likes of Jessica Jones, Travelers, or Altered Carbon – besides that, I am trying not to give in to the trend of binge watching, letting myself marinate in a one-a-week […] More