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  • Five shirtless men, all missing teeth, in a hockey locker room

    Shoresy Brings Lowbrow Laughs and High-Energy Sports to the Rink

    Crave‘s new original sports comedy series, Shoresy, revolves around a character from another Canadian sitcom who’s mostly known for using the toilet and insulting his teammates. This may not sound like a promising setup for a series, but longtime fans of Letterkenny such as myself already know how much fun the titular Shoresy can be. He’s […] More

  • Space Laces logo
    in ,

    A Perfect Ten: Space Laces Brings the Ruckus

    I think every art form has that one person or group that everyone looks up to. Your favorite artists usually have a favorite artist (Red Letter Media is all my favorite YouTube channels’ favorite YouTube channel, for example). In the case of EDM and bass music, though, it’s hard to argue against Ian “Space Laces” […] More

  • dimension organ promo image

    Dimension’s Organ is Everything Great About Drum & Bass

    There’s a lot more to the drum & bass genre than just drums and bass. It’s one of my favorites of all the dance music subgenres, if not my absolute favorite—it’s just so versatile. There are a ton of different moods that artists can bring forth with the same drum pattern and quick tempo; you’ve […] More

  • ilan bluestone impulse album cover

    Ilan Bluestone’s Impulse: Beautiful and Awkward

    I had no reason to expect anything other than an amazing new record from “tronce” music legend Ilan Bluestone. Since debuting on the Anjunabeats label in 2012, he’s been an absolute mainstay of the progressive trance world, having given us lots of infectious dance anthems on his own and with collaborators. Bluestone’s first album, Scars, […] More

  • CD cover and printed disc for Superjail!

    Jake Joseph’s Superjail! is a Wild and Wonderful Ride

    Superjail!, the latest release from Pennsylvania musician Jake Joseph, isn’t an easy album to describe. It takes inspiration from classic hip-hop, but feels like it was made five minutes into the future. It’s cold and electronic, but warm and organic at the same time. It jumps between moods and ideas, but it’s still a cohesive […] More

  • Muzz - The Promised Land album cover, featuring a winged head with a top hat in a digital hand

    MUZZ’s “The Promised Land” My Album of the Year

    There’s something to be said for bad times bringing us good music, and 2020 has been no exception. With everyone stuck at home, some artists have been churning out some frankly incredible work from their home studios–Charli XCX, for example, recorded and released the quarantine album how i’m feeling now earlier this year from her […] More