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  • Roger Taylor sings in a recording studio in the music video for "We're All Just Trying to Get By"

    Roger Taylor’s First Solo Tour in 22 Years Was Worth the Wait

    While I’ve been lucky enough to see Queen a few times with Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert, I’ve always dreamed of seeing Roger Taylor on a solo tour. He might be best known as Queen’s drummer (and songwriter, and occasional singer), but he’s also released six solo albums, as well as three albums with The […] More

  • Atreyu scratches Falkor behind the ear, Falkor smiles happily

    Childhood Favourites That Influenced My Love of Fantasy

    While realism certainly has its place in storytelling, my tastes have always leaned more towards fantasy. It’s partly the escapism, which lets you immerse yourself in a world far away from your problems, and partly the layers of meaning that fantasy lends itself to. Magic and the supernatural can create powerful metaphors for the struggles […] More

  • Album cover of Lets Dance by David Bowie

    Rebel Rebel: A Life Punctuated With David Bowie

    David Bowie means a lot to me. I may not be as big a Bowie fan as some, but even as a more casual fan (I only own a couple of albums and a Best Of), his music is woven throughout my life. It inspires feelings of familiarity, comfort, delight, and motivation, and I always […] More

  • Lily sits in the hell dimension wearing a ragged tunic, next to a skeleton lying on a bed
    in ,

    Empowered: Anne Steele’s Journey Through the Buffyverse

    Despite only being in two episodes of Buffy and three of Angel, Anne Steele has a seven-year arc which embodies the themes of both series’ finales and showcases some of the best character development on either show. For the most part, Anne’s appearances are spaced out enough, her name changes frequent enough, and references to […] More

  • In the Double R Diner, Norma reaches over the counter and lovingly touches Ed's face. Ed has a bandage on his head and looks concerned.

    Make Yourself at Home in TV’s Greatest Fictional Towns

    It’s hard to define what makes a great fictional town. Is it somewhere you wish you could live? Somewhere that’s simply well-suited to the story being told? A distinctive setting with its own unique character? When choosing towns for this article, I went with some combination of all of the above. If I thought of […] More

  • An animated version of Freddie Mercury sings into a microphone in the music video for "Innuendo"
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    My Only Friend Through Teenage Nights: A Perfect 10 by Queen

    In the 20 years from Queen’s formation, in 1971, to Freddie Mercury’s death (from AIDS-related complications) in 1991, the band’s lineup never changed. Their collaborative nature and impressive longevity gave rise to enough classic singles to fill two greatest hits albums. They also made 15 studio albums, which offer a wealth of lesser-known—but equally remarkable—songs. […] More

  • Wesley stands in front of Fred, brandishing a sword
    in ,

    Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: An Underappreciated Hero

    My favorite character on Buffy and Angel, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (played by Alexis Denisof) always tried his best, retained his inherently good nature, and kept his commitment to fighting evil—despite the unfair way he was treated and the bad luck he constantly suffered. This is someone who was locked under the stairs by his abusive father […] More

  • In his hallucination, Homer stands against a strange colored sky, disoriented, his arm falling apart

    The Simpsons Season 8: Insanity Peppers and Gay Steel Mills

    The Simpsons was undoubtedly one of the best shows on television for its first nine seasons, but for me, Season 8 always stood out as being truly exceptional. It contains, in my opinion, 11 of the best episodes of all time (“You Only Move Twice,” “Bart After Dark,” “Lisa’s Date with Density,” “Hurricane Neddy,” “El […] More

  • Marilyn Manson with red eyes

    Alien Landscapes and Isolation in Mechanical Animals

    I first got into my favorite band, Marilyn Manson, back in 2001, when “The Nobodies” was released as a single. I soon bought the album it came from, Holy Wood, and my life was changed. Over the following six months I bought all of Marilyn Manson’s previous albums, in chronological order, ending with Mechanical Animals. […] More

  • Seven of Nine, Janeway and Chakotay look at something

    Star Trek: Voyager—Resilience in a Hopeless World

    Star Trek is famously based on Gene Roddenberry’s hopeful vision of the future, in which humanity has largely moved on from its prejudices, penchant for violence, and other problems. Humans, Vulcans, and other alien species have joined together to form the Federation, a utopian, multi-planetary society. Starfleet, the Federation’s powerful diplomatic, peacekeeping, and space-exploring organization, […] More

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