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  • Seven of Nine, Janeway and Chakotay look at something

    Star Trek: Voyager—Resilience in a Hopeless World

    Star Trek is famously based on Gene Roddenberry’s hopeful vision of the future, in which humanity has largely moved on from its prejudices, penchant for violence, and other problems. Humans, Vulcans, and other alien species have joined together to form the Federation, a utopian, multi-planetary society. Starfleet, the Federation’s powerful diplomatic, peacekeeping, and space-exploring organization, […] More

  • Star Trek: Discovery Title Card

    Star Trek: Discovery S2E10 – “The Red Angel”

    This week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery—”The Red Angel”—was a doozy. It was heavy on revelations, including two different reveals of the identity of the Red Angel and Section 31’s role in creating it, and Michael Burnham learning the truth of her parents’ deaths and that they worked for Section 31. The episode opens with Airiam’s funeral. […] More