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Inside the Groove is Such a Revelation

Rachel: With the Madame X tour wrapped up and Madonna still healing from an on-tour injury whilst in quarantine, it’s unlikely we’ll get more music from the Queen of Pop while we social distance.

That’s where Edward Russell’s Madonna-centric podcast Inside the Groove comes in. Each half-hour episode breaks down some of Madonna’s most iconic tracks, relying on a mix of research, interviews, demos, outtracks and isolated tracks to break down how each individual song was built from the ground up and all the players behind the elements, including songwriters, studio musicians, and Madonna herself.

The podcast launched its first episode on the 30th anniversary of “Vogue” from I’m Breathless. I’ve been an avid life-long Madonna fan but this podcast ups the ante with great tidbits of trivia that were new to me, as well as custom remixes to play the episode out. (The acoustic mix of “Borderline” is a real jam and showcases Madonna’s yearning vocals perfectly. I may or may not have listened to it three times in a row.)

So whether you’re a Madonna fan or interested in music production, don’t miss out! The podcast creator also chats with listeners via Twitter if you want to keep the conversation going. Now excuse me while I dig out my Desperately Seeking Susan  jacket and hit the dance floor (aka my living room).

Madonna wear a microphone on the banner for Inside the Groove

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