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  • The cover for Fantasy Island, by Clinic, 2021.

    Feeling Pretty Psyched: Clinic — Fantasy Island

    One of the more arresting things about Clinic has always been the vocal delivery of Ade Blackburn. Nobody sounds quite like Blackburn, whether through his simultaneously narcoleptic and acrobatic delivery, or Clinic’s dazzling psychedelic production choices. On Fantasy Island, Ade dials it back a little bit, but gives in to druggy disco vibes. Where previous Clinic […] More

  • The cover for Shade, by Grouper. 2021, Kranky Records

    Loops, Disintegrating: Grouper — Shade

    Even when a record is made up of material recorded over the last 15 years, Grouper finds a way to make it something new. Shade isn’t the first anthology-style release in the Grouper catalog; this approach may flash as lazy on the surface (and this may not be entirely unfounded), but the work speaks for […] More

  • The cover for HEY WHAT from Low is fuzzy grey with white and black specks

    When You Think You’ve Seen Everything… Low: HEY WHAT

    From the opening chords, it’s easy to tell that HEY WHAT is something special. It would be easy to write the words album of the year(!!!) over and over again, but you deserve better. The sentiment remains. Since starting their artist / producer relationship with BJ Burton, Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker have, somehow, been throwing […] More

  • The cover of Infinite Granite, by Deafheaven. 2021, Sargent House records.

    Review: Deafheaven — Infinite Granite

    Infinite Granite is a titan. In any other discography, it would look like a kind of beast, but in Deafheaven’s discography, it will be viewed as a bit of a minor note. It is anything but minor. A lot of Deafheaven fans, genre purists (somehow not scared away by the last three records), and metalheads raw […] More

  • A woman with outstretched arms on the As The Days Get Dark cover, by Arab Strap

    As The Days Get Dark: Arab Strap — Okay, Wow, That Is Pretty Dark

    Arab Strap took sixteen years off and now bring themselves back as an undeniable voice in 2021, as Joy Division and LCD Soundsystem and numerous intangibles meet on As The Days Get Dark. The inimitable Aidan Moffat says it best on opening track “The Turning of Our Bones”: Tonight we salsa, we rave. There is […] More

  • Mogwai - As the Love Continues cover art featuring wolf looking at the viewer, with a red abstract painting superimposed

    As the Love Continues: Mogwai Can’t Stop the Rock Action

    As the Love Continues reminds us that Mogwai have one great curse: consistency. If you look at a certain website whose name rhymes with Itchspork, the reviews for their albums hit a steady decline just before Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. This is to give short shrift to a crew that have, since 1995 […] More

  • Cover of Gold Record by Bill Callahan

    Bill Callahan: Gold Record — Pure Platinum

    At a glance, Bill Callahan’s Gold Record seems insincere. From the album title that leans toward a brag to his monotone and plain-spoken delivery on subjects ranging from harsh to hilarious, he proves, on a close listen, to be one of the most sincere American songwriters working today. He takes these subjects—again, on the rainbow […] More

  • A phonograph in black and white in front of a curtain in Twin Peaks

    Royal Green Review — Bryan Devendorf is Some Kind Of Blue

    Straight-up: Bryan Devendorf is one of the best drummers in modern music. Even when he’s doing “drum programming” electronically, his ear for percussion is second-to-none. Listen to what he did with Taylor Swift on folklore, or tracks like “Squalor Victoria” by main band The National, to get a sampling of what he can really do. […] More

  • A phonograph in black and white in front of a curtain in Twin Peaks

    Angel Olsen: Whole New Mess — Live from the Bar Down the Street

    Whole New Mess contains nine songs that are, at their hearts, re-recordings or re-imaginings of their debut appearances on Angel’s Olsen’s release from last year, All Mirrors. This will be a divisive choice for even the most staunch of fans. In the year of bold releases by women—Phoebe Bridgers’ Punisher, Jess Williamson’s Sorceress, and Fiona […] More

  • BLQLYTE by Zeroh cover

    20 Albums You Might Have Missed in 2020 — 11-20

    This is the second half of the 20 albums from 2020 list. Read the first here. No effort was made to give these any kind of ranking or preference level, nor to focus on any certain genre. These are just some really good things that might have flown over your radar during this whole…worldwide thing […] More

  • Runaway Dog by Retirement Party cover

    20 Albums You Might Have Missed in 2020 — 1-10

    In the midst of COVID-19, many things have gotten lost. Music has had something of a strong period; with Bandcamp’s regular Fridays waiving their take of album sales, a lot of musicians rushed out old material or put out new material to capitalize on the opportunity. We, as listeners, benefit greatly. This list was difficult […] More

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