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  • Members of the band Voltagehawk

    Voltagehawk — Modern Gasoline Feeds a Fresh Fire in Electric Thunder

    Voltagehawk comes in screaming with Electric Thunder, a dirty grease rock adventure that brings a crackling blues vibe to sci-fi soundscapes. This eclectic electric assortment of tracks is essentially a garage band but don’t be fooled by such a simplistic term. Distorted guitars and ambient tones combine with hard hitting drums and driving bass to […] More

  • The five ladies of the Spice Girls standing shoulder to shoulder -- Emma Bunton, Mel B, Geri Halliwell, Mel C, Victoria Beckham

    Sizzle for the Season with the Spice Girls “2 Become 1”

    When the Spice Girls served up the single “2 Become 1” 25 years ago, it arrived in time to get its hooks in the holidays. The smooth ballad delivered a dose of sonic sensuality perfect for fueling fireside romance on long winter nights. The fact it connects to Christmas may seem a slender thread, but […] More

  • Lead vocalist of Judas Priest Rob Halford singing in leather and studs

    “Night Crawler” is a Thrilling Terror by Judas Priest

    Few sonic nightmares come to life as vividly as the Judas Priest epic “Night Crawler.” Though some may point to the Grand Guignol in death metal extremes, they fail to appreciate the refined fright fuel seeping out of speakers thanks to this track. In the hellish gallery of horror portraits, “Night Crawler” deserves a place […] More

  • Irish flag colored green, white, orange

    The Dead Come Alive Hearing Finnegan’s Wake

    As a kid, I never realized the winding road listening to “Finnegan’s Wake” would take me down. First along avenues of Irish clichés then into dark tombs of disappointment, where the truth isn’t better buried. The song may not have been what I perceived as a child, but what I believed it to be seeded […] More

  • in ,

    Ten Remarkable Bands with Glorious Gimmicks

    Saying a band has a gimmick can border on insulting. It implies the music isn’t the draw. Take away the masks, pyro, dildos, and makeup, there’s nothing worth noticing. Perhaps there’s some truth to that, but at the same time, a band’s gimmick can be an honest extension of the performers. Something that enhances the […] More

  • Various mythopoetic images from across Helloween's career including the mysterious Keeper of the Keys seen on several album

    Helloween’s Helloween Is the Most Helloween Album Yet

    If only one thing could be said about Helloween’s sixteenth studio album, it’s that this is the most Helloween record of their career. That’s why it could only be self-titled, Helloween. Such observations are sure to whet the appetite of fans and catch the curiosity of others. What it means, though, is melodic power metal […] More

  • Cover art for Helloween's The Time of the Oath

    Return to The Time of the Oath with Helloween

    There’s still power in The Time of the Oath. 25 years since its release, Helloween’s seventh studio album possesses a biting strength and refreshing sincerity. Powered by a lyrical depth and fun too often missing from modern metal, The Time of the Oath belongs to a different era, but one sadly lost when juxtaposed against […] More