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  • Ariana Grande joins a musical number in Kidding

    Kidding S2 Episodes 5 & 6 Are Television At Its Finest

    Kidding S2E5 was that episode. Every classic, all-time great series has one. For Twin Peaks fans, it’s Part 8. For fans of The Sopranos, it’s “Pine Barrens.” In a more recent example, for fans of Barry, it’s “ronny/lilly.” This type of episode is one that departs from norms and indulges in something that makes that […] More

  • Jeff smiles while looking at the new Jeff doll that can listen and speak to children

    Kidding S2 Episodes 3 & 4: What Does Healing Look Like?

    Kidding continues its interesting release model, with two episodes coming out on the same day again. This model is a compromise of sorts between the Netflix model of releasing everything at once to be binged and the traditional television model of one episode a week. I find myself really liking this setup as sometimes one […] More

  • Jim Carrey stands in shock with his hand over his mouth

    Kidding Season 2: Looking at Episodes 1 & 2

    Previously on Kidding: Jeff runs over his estranged wife’s boyfriend with his car, hours after giving one of the most impassioned speeches of his life. Kidding Season 2 wasted little time in addressing the central themes and conflicts of the first season. Showrunner Dave Holstein has created one of television’s best-kept secrets—a brilliantly absurd, fantastical, […] More

  • Title Card for Kidding, created by Dave Holstein and starring Jim Carrey

    Kidding Creator Dave Holstein Discusses Shocking Finale, Show’s Origin, Jim Carrey & Much More!

    I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Holstein, creator of Showtime original series Kidding, as well as previously writing for Weeds for seven seasons. In this interview, we covered numerous topics including the show’s origins, thirty minute shows compared to an hour, the finale, the cast & a slight Season 2 tease. This was […] More

  • Jeff 'Mr Pickles' crying

    Kidding: Some Day (Season 1 Finale)

    “I’m listening”—Jeff Pickles’ message to the children of America came during what could be considered both the best and worst moment simultaneously of his career. The speech he gave at the Christmas Tree lighting in Washington D.C., the one nobody wanted him to give, cost him his career it seems. PBS pulled the plug on […] More

  • LT. Pickles video game from episode 9 of Showtime's KIDDING.

    Kidding: LT. Pickles (Episode 9)

    In “LT. Pickles,” Jeff (Jim Carrey) begins to lose touch with reality. At the end of the previous episode, Jeff’s body seizes uncontrollably, and he rockets up and down in his chair. At first, I thought he was having a heart attack, but now I see it as the attack of a breaking heart. Rather […] More

  • Jim Carrey as Jeff in Philliam

    Kidding: Philliam (Episode 8)

    Every great television series has that one episode in their first season that pulls you in and grabs you for the long haul; that episode where the characters and the plot come together in a way that makes you realize that you are committed to this world. That the emotional bond is stronger than with […] More

  • Jim Carrey as Mr. Pickles in Showtime's Kidding

    Kidding: Kintsugi (Episode 7)

    The seventh episode of Kidding was a prime example of how a well-written show can take you on an emotional journey, all in a short amount of time; that no matter how much television or film we’ve watched, good writing can still surprise us. Every week after the latest episode of Kidding, I find myself […] More

  • in

    Kidding: The Cookie (Episode 6)

    “The Cookie” is filled with polarities: light and darkness, endings and beginnings, life and death—all condensed into the image of a black and white cookie. There is also an exploration and illustration of creativity as a means of transforming despair and hopelessness into inspiration and imagination. Opposites, Cookies, & the Unexploded House Will (Cole Allen) […] More

  • Jeff and Will ice skating in Kidding

    Kidding: The New You (Episode 5)

    The fifth episode of Showtime’s Kidding, titled “The New You,” was a tightly packed 30 minutes of television that not only drew the viewer closer to Jeff Pickles but also did an excellent job in humanizing him even more. Each week the show has been peeling back a bit more of the onion and giving us […] More

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