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  • a bird sitting on a branch

    Ten Favorite Television Theme Songs

    Whenever I watch Friends on Netflix I always want to press “skip the intro” when The Rembrandt’s title theme begins, not because “I’ll Be There For You” is a bad song but since 1994, I’ve heard it more times than I have my own name. However, if a theme song is really good, it doesn’t […] More

  • A remote control points at a screen with the Canadian flag on it

    The Surprising Quality of Canadian Comedy: A Primer for Americans

    One of my favourite exchanges from The West Wing is a typically Aaron Sorkin back-and-forth between Amy Gardner and one Donatella Moss, who’s just been informed she was actually born in Canada, and was therefore endowed with certain inalienable rights. “Canadian, huh?” Amy asks. “Yeah,” Donna responds. “You feel funnier?” “No, but I am developing […] More