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  • A range of aliens in 'The End of the World', with Cassandra centre-stage
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    Favourite Underrated New Who Monsters (Part 2)

    As mentioned in Part 1, many New Who monsters have left a significant impression on Whovians—baddies and softies alike. We’re all familiar with aliens like the distinctive Slitheen, the wise Face of Boe, the sinister Vashta Nerada, and the terrifying Silence (wait, didn’t I mention them last time? I can’t remember…) among others. All worthy […] More

  • The Ood all stand in a circle holding hands
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    Favourite Underrated New Who Monsters (Part 1)

    Over the sixteen years (and counting) of New Who, many monsters have terrorised our screens, alongside some more sympathetic ones. Whichever end of the moral scale, there are lots of truly fascinating aliens to delve into. Aside from classic foes such as the Daleks and Cybermen, we’re all familiar with some newer creations; the ever-creepy […] More