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  • Umbrella Academy

    The Dysfunctional Family That Are The Umbrella Academy

    It can be said that I went into watching Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy pretty biased, being a My Chemical Romance mega-fan and long-time reader of Gerard Way’s comics. I had high hopes, and my expectations of Way’s vision may have been inflated by the hype I built up in my head about how amazing this […] More

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    The Umbrella Academy Episode One

    The Umbrella Academy has landed on Netflix at last, and as a huge fan of the comics, I couldn’t wait to jump in and see what the show had to offer. I had a couple of doubts after the trailers, but as the ending credits rolled on episode one, these doubts had disappeared. So join […] More

  • Comic art of the siblings in The Umbrella Academy

    Netflix Releases New The Umbrella Academy Trailer

    When I saw the teaser trailer for the upcoming Netflix adaptation of Gerard Way’s comic series The Umbrella Academy, I was left feeling a tiny bit ecstatic. I’ve bought the comics as they came out over the years and lapped up the artwork and intricate story. So to see the characters I love so much […] More