Kenneth Walker III: Rookie Report Card

A football rests on a field

Kenneth Walker III

School:  Michigan State

Size:   5’10/ 210 lbs.

I Rate all RB’s on a scale of 1-10

  • Footwork: 8
  • Vision: 9
  • Patience:  9
  • Elusiveness/ Evasion:  7
  • Contact Balance:  8
  • Tackle Breaking Ability (when a defender has a hand on him):   8
  • Game Speed: 8.5
  • Burst: 
  • Hands:  8
  • Route Running:  4
  • Run Toughness:  7

Overall: 84

I also tally the following:

Games Watched:  5

Successful Stiff Arms:  2

Successful Spin Moves:  1


Tackles Shed: 32

Evaded Tackles:  31

Pass Block Losses:  7

Pass Block Wins:  21

Fall Forwards:  39

College Stats:

2019: 98 Att./579 Yards/5.9 YPC/ 4 TDs

2020: 119 Att./579 Yards/ 4.9 YPC/ 13 TDs

2021: 263 Att./1,636 Yards/ 6.2 YPC/ 18 TDs

Summary/Fantasy Upside: 

Kenneth Walker blew me away with some of his explosiveness when I put his tape on. He was consistently finding cutback lanes and making defenses pay. He’s a good creator whether in open space or between the tackles. He has solid contact balance, has enough wiggle, and enough lower body powers to become a very good NFL RB.

If there was an area of concern it would be as a receiver, although I think he will be fine catching check downs at the next level. Then, once he’s in space he becomes a problem. His passing protection is very good and he can play 3rd downs but at his size, not an ideal bell cow.

I think Kenneth Walker can be a mid-RB2 in most formats and the best landing spots for him would be BUF, HOU, TB, MIA, and ATL. Below are some notes I wrote down while watching his tape.

Passing Game

  • Going to be a great outlet for QBs out of the backfield
  • Capable of pancakes in pass pro
  • Wasn’t asked to run many routes
  • Can be slow to react at times in pass pro but solid overall
  • Can struggle to pick up blitzes
  • When thrown to he has displayed good hands

Physical Ability

  • Minimal wasted movement
  • More powerful than you’d expect for his size
  • Great contact balance for his size
  • Can turn on the jets at the 2nd level
  • Good elusiveness in tight places
  • Can change run angles quickly
  • Very fluid running motion
  • Can beat DBs outside
  • Can get run down from behind on breakaways
  • Has a very nice N and S burst
  • Uses great shoulder fakes to freeze defenders
  • He won’t be crazy fast but fast enough to make huge plays at the NFL level
  • Can bounce of Safeties
  • Can break even good tackle attempts
  • Can break your ankles
  • Use hips well to freeze LBs
  • Deceptive runner


  • Takes what defense gives him
  • Reads over-pursuing DE’s well and has good vision to bounce outside
  • Like to cut and run left way more than the right
  • Good nose for the end zone
  • Carries ball high and tight
  • Great vision
  • Great patience- doesn’t panic no matter what is going on
  • Mainly a one-cut runner but can make guys miss
  • Consistently chooses correct running angles
  • Will be effective in misdirection
  • Reads and sets up blocks well
  • Helps his blockers with fakes to the other gap
  • Shows a good ability to feel people around him
  • Good peripheral vision

Effort/ Versatility 

  • Can’t always shed arm tackles and goes down too easy at times
  • He will have to prove he can run to the right in NFL
  • Not afraid to do the dirty work
  • If you don’t bring him to the ground he will extend it and keep the run alive
  • Intense effort always
  • OL gets bailed out by him some
  • Does what has to be done in short yardage
  • Good lower body power that can be used to move DT’s back

Written by Scott Acquard

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