Garrett Wilson: Rookie Report Card

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Garrett Wilson, Ohio State University

6’0/188 lbs



Overall: 90

Best Landing Spots: KC, BUF, PHI, ARI, MIA 


It is my opinion that Garrett Wilson is easily WR1 of this class. I have seen his hands questioned at the point of catch, but he has solid hands from what I saw on tape, and his upside after the catch is unmatched in this draft class. I think he’s as NFL-ready as you can get for an incoming rookie. Let’s just hope he lands on his feet in late April.

Wilson comes out of “The Ohio State University,” where he was recruited as a 5-star prospect out of Austin, Texas. Wilson was a first-team All-Big Ten Conference selection. He’s a TD machine, ranking 8th in the FBS in 2021. I also believe that his numbers and collegiate accolades would be even higher if fellow Buckeye Chris Olave wasn’t on the team.  

The first thing that comes to mind when watching Wilson is how natural a separator he is. The man is always open. A regular 7/11, as the kids used to say. He can make any defender a running joke on any given play. He smoked a lot of DBs during his time at Ohio State. His game speed is incredible, as well as his change of direction, contested catch ability, footwork, ad infinitum. He does a lot well.

It’s honestly not easy to come up with things I don’t like. He does catch close to his body quite a bit, and as I already said he can have his hands a little too far apart at the point of the catch. Something I may be concerned about is if he ends up on a team with a strong-armed QB.

He has the talent to be a top-5 dynasty WR, and I am fine taking him anywhere I can get him. If he ends up with a good offense, I want as many shares as possible. He can win you weeks, and I even expect him to in year one. I am all-in on Garrett Wilson!

Route Running: 9/10

  • Can really dip his hips well.
  • Very quick footwork at the line—can beat press coverage with it.
  • Counters leverage with good hip angles.
  • Can get open for 5 yards anytime you need it.
  • Shows the ability to take advantage of soft coverage, and you don’t want to press because he can burn you deep if you make a mistake.
  • Has a really nice out-breaking double move.
  • Great start and stop ability.
  • Uses the defender’s momentum against them.
  • Beat triple coverage with pure speed vs. Purdue.

Hands: 6/10

  • Known to have his hands too far apart at times—I believe this is fixable.
  • Catches close to the body.
  • For the knocks on his hand technique, I think he catches better than Steelers receiver Diontae Johnson—and is a better athlete.
  • Routinely catches balls that are behind him.

Run After the Catch Ability: 9.5/10

  • Can run screens designed to have to make a man miss.
  • Makes you pay for missed tackles.
  • Can make people miss in a multitude of ways.
  • Going to be deadly in the open field.
  • Good contact balance.
  • Can make people miss in a phone booth.
  • Great cutting ability.
  • Incredible burst.
  • Can outrun even the defenders who took the correct angle.
  • Almost always makes the 1st guy miss.
  • Anticipates contact well.
  • Does what needs doing near the goal line.
  • Can take it to the house at any minute.
  • Reads blocks well.

Body Control:   9/10

  • Shows he can control his body near the boundaries while making the catch.
  • Times his jump nicely.
  • Terrific balance near boundaries.

Physicality:  7/10

  • Shows some strong hands if close coverage.
  • Can successfully stiff-arm safeties.
  • Can take a hit and hold on to the ball.
  • Has no problem getting physical if he needs to. He’s going to be a safety blanket who can score at any minute.

Awareness: 8/10

  • Knows where he is on the field and when to toe-tap.
  • I’m not sure how much freedom he had but I saw him attack the safety incorrectly.
  • Uses proper block-out angles to be successful in contested situations.
  • Sits in zones really well, always making himself a noticeable target in the meantime.
  • Makes it impossible for defenders to make a play on goal-line fades.

Possible Role: 

  • I believe he can line up outside and inside at the NFL level.
  • Going to be a good red-zone target—can get open in a hurry.
  • Will be a weapon on deep crossing routes.
  • Does enough in blocking assignments to not get himself taken off the field for it.

Fantasy Football Upside: 9/10 

  • PPR Gold.
  • If he goes to a KC, BUF, or GB he has top-5 upside.

Written by Scott Acquard

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