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  • Scully stands in the module that is the entrance to a VR game wearing a VR headset and other game gear and holding a large automatic weapon.
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    The X-Files: The Killer Goddess of “First Person Shooter” (S7E13)

    Season 7, Episode 13 of The X-Files, “First Person Shooter,” chronicles the story of a homicidal virtual reality game. One of the game’s creators and programmers has a secret side-project which develops a mind of its own, hijacks the entire project, and begins killing the game’s players for sport. While the technical aspects of “First […] More

  • Image of Ozymandias sitting in front of multiple television screens, stroking his genetically engineered sphinx, as he says, Just me and the world.

    Adrian Veidt as Ozymandias: Watchmen’s Obscure Villain

    Adrian Veidt, or Ozymandias, of Watchmen is as imperial and hubristic as his chosen name would suggest. Over the course of the series, this dubious hero amasses more power, clout, and fame than any other Watchmen character. He is closely associated with the Comedian, his true nemesis, through both their indomitable physical prowess and their […] More

  • Gary's zombified coworker looks blankly over her cubicle wall at him with white eyes and pale skin.
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    The X-Files and Science-Not-So-Fiction: “Folie à Deux”

    As we explore standalone episodes from horror and sci-fi anthologies, I will break down how The X-Files’ “Monster of the Week” episodes (separate from the show’s overarching mythology) often employed science fiction concepts that are grounded in scientific fact. This week, we’ll look at “Folie à Deux” (Season 5, Episode 19). In “Folie à Deux,” […] More

  • DC Comic illustration of The Comedian in Vietnam, grinning as he sprays fire from a flame thrower. He wears his armored costume and his Smiley Face pin. Soldiers and palm trees in background. Caption reads, "He suits the climate here: the madness, the pointless butchery..."

    Watchmen’s Comedian: A Real Scream

    The first thing that you should know about Watchmen’s Comedian—if you don’t already—is that he’s not such a funny guy. In fact, he’s pretty much a bummer. The Comedian is steeped in cynical views and engages in deliberate acts of amorality. His philosophy? Humanity is inherently depraved, so he might as well sit back and […] More

  • A close-up of Terri in Syzygy, looking with wide eyes and with blood flecked on her face.
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    The X-Files and Science-Not-So-Fiction: “Syzygy”

    The kind of long narrative of serialized TV can be wonderfully immersive, but here at 25YL we also recognize the value of a great standalone episode. Join us as we explore horror and sci-fi anthologies old and new, along with some other standout episodes of shows you love. This week, Rebecca Saunders explores another episode […] More

  • A close-up of Rue (Zendaya) wearing read hoodie and looking up with a crowd of silhouettes behind her in Euphoria

    Euphoria Season Finale: “And Salt the Earth Behind You”

    Viewers’ hopes and expectations were shattered by the Euphoria season finale. Aghast audiences are left wondering if Rue has died from a drug overdose and whether Jules has escaped town forever. The main action of the season finale revolves around the high school’s winter formal dance, repeating a conceit from earlier episodes wherein one major […] More

  • Rue, Cassie, Kat, Jules, and Lexi in their Halloween costumes.

    Euphoria Season 1 Ep 6: “The Next Episode”

    This week’s episode of Euphoria brought us answers to some of the hard questions the show has raised while suspending us with anticipation for how characters will settle their conflicts. Now, we know Nate (Jacob Elordi)’s abhorrent intentions with Jules (Hunter Schafer)’s nude photos, we know more about how Jules and Rue (Zendaya)’s relationship will […] More

  • Jules, Rue, and Lexi rollerskating in Euphoria, Season 1, Episode 5

    Euphoria Season 1 Ep 5: Tensions Rise in “’03 Bonnie and Clyde”

    This week broke great news for all of us who have enjoyed following HBO’s Euphoria since it first aired June 16: the show has been renewed for a second season. This news comes as a welcome reassurance as Euphoria continues to develop an interconnected web of character relationships halfway through its first season. Plot resolutions […] More