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  • Josh and Megan sit looking at each other across a small table outdoors in Mr. Corman S1E6 Funeral

    Mr. Corman S1E6: “Funeral” and the Grief of Lost Dreams

    The following contains spoilers for Mr. Corman S1E6, “Funeral” Megan’s parents still have a framed photo of her and Josh in their house. By Mr. Corman S1E6 (“Funeral”), we know that Josh and Megan (Juno Temple) have been broken up for over a year, but that doesn’t stop Cheryl (Lucy Lawless) from lamenting that the […] More

  • Victor lies on top of Josh on the floor of their apartment

    Mr. Corman, The Suicide Squad, and Princess Mononoke

    Welcome to What’s the Buzz, where members of our staff provide you with recommendations on a weekly basis. This week, Hawk Ripjaw gets excited about The Suicide Squad, Caemeron Crain recommends checking our Mr. Corman on Apple TV+, and Hal Kitchen sings the praises of Princess Mononoke. The Suicide Squad Hawk: The Suicide Squad. Oh […] More

  • Victor lies on the couch looking upwards anxiously

    Mr. Corman S1E4: “Mr. Morales” Shifts Our Perspective

    The following contains spoilers for Mr. Corman S1E4, “Mr. Morales” Mr. Corman S1E4 switches gears (and perspectives) as “Mr. Morales” focuses on Josh’s roommate Victor (Arturo Castro). What is brilliant about the way in which this is done, however, is that I immediately almost feel bad for describing Victor that way. He’s not just the […] More

  • Josh and Ruth dance with arms outstretched towards one another and a brightly lit set of houses in the background

    Mr. Corman S1E3: “Happy Birthday”

    The following contains spoilers for Mr. Corman S1E3, “Happy Birthday” Mr. Corman S1E3, “Happy Birthday,” centers around Josh attending his niece Sara’s birthday party. We finally meet his sister Beth (Shannon Woodward), and the episode as a whole explores the dynamics of this family and how Josh Corman relates to them. It continues to be […] More

  • Josh sits on his couch staring forward anxiously

    Mr. Corman S1E2: “Don’t Panic” Everything’s Not OK

    The following contains spoilers for Mr. Corman S1E2, “Don’t Panic” Writing about Episode 1 (which I’m feeling the need to tell you I did before watching Episode 2, given that I know they’re being released at the same time), I posited that Mr. Corman was fundamentally about millennial anxiety. S1E2, “Don’t Panic,” makes that all […] More