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  • Ritchie hangs onto the back of a police officer who is holding a bat

    It’s a Sin: Russell T Davies Breaks Our Hearts Once More

    Last Friday, February 19th, the final episode of the five-part series It’s a Sin aired here in the UK and I feel that it is the most important show I’ve ever witnessed in hoping to be educated in LGBT history. I am often reminded of just how lucky I am to live openly as a […] More

  • Main Cast of Channel 4’s Cucumber

    Celebrating Cucumber, Banana, Tofu This Pride Month

    Cucumber, Banana, Tofu is a British television series made up of two drama shows and an online documentary. The series was created by Russell T Davies (Queer as Folk) and was released in early 2015. When experienced together as they were originally shown, anyone can gain an authentic insight into modern LGBT life thanks to […] More

  • Season 11 Queens

    RuPaul’s Drag Race: Representation and Drag

    “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve & Talent”—I’ve heard the phrase for nearly 10 years. Hunched over my laptop streaming LogoTV, I fell hard for RuPaul’s Drag Race in its second season. The colors are bright, the glitter and glitz a feast for the eyes, but ultimately it was the format that hooked me; it made me laugh […] More

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    Queer Eye: Fighting for Acceptance

    This Pride month, something I am incredibly thankful to have in my life is Netflix’s hit show Queer Eye. Queer Eye is my safe space. I watch the show to make me smile, to have fun, and to remind myself that I am always loved and accepted. Queer Eye is a happy place for people […] More

  • The Doctor (Christohper Eccelston) and Rose (Billy Piper) look on in Doctor Who
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    Doctor Who: Russell T Davies’ LGBTQ+ Legacy

    When Doctor Who’s return was announced on the 26th September 2003, showrunner Russell T Davies was identified as an “acclaimed TV dramatist.” In a world where television writers are often unknown, Davies had become a household name in Britain. The reaction to the groundbreaking LGBTQ+ series Queer as Folk in 1999 had been more than […] More

  • Rosa on a motorcycle

    Rosa Diaz, Pride, and Me

    I have always had an ambivalent relationship with Pride. For me, Pride is not about “rainbow-washing” our streets, with companies slapping an LGBT+ flag on their products and calling it a day. Even as an out-and-proud lesbian, I’ve struggled when attending Pride parades as it is easy to feel lost within a crowd. For me, […] More

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    20 Years Of Being Queer As Folk

    June is Pride Month and here at 25YL, we want to look at TV and Film that made us proud with their representation of LGBTQ issues and themes. This week Martin Hearn looks at Queer as Folk. When Russell T. Davies’ show Queer As Folk first aired on UK television screens in 1999 I was […] More