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  • John Brown (Ethan Hawke) sitting at a desk on the left looking up at Harriet Tubman (Zainab Jah) as she looks down at him

    The Good Lord Bird Episode 4: “Smells Like Bear”

    With Episode 4, “Smells Like Bear,” we have finally reached the pivot point of The Good Lord Bird and the point of no return for John Brown and his band of freedom fighters. For the last two episodes Brown has been a bit sidelined, first by the plot in “A Wicked Plot” and then by […] More

  • Onion (Joshua Caleb Johnson) and Daveed Diggs looking forlorn while holding empty glasses, sitting on a couch in a dark room

    The Good Lord Bird Episode 3: “Mr. Fred”

    Not a lot happens plot wise in “Mr. Fred”, the third episode of The Good Lord Bird. There is no “bleeding Kansas“, no justice raining down on wicked townspeople, or fiery speeches in front of exploding cannons. No, the only things that happen are a train ride, watching some speeches, and dinner with a prominent […] More

  • Onion (Joshua Caleb Johnson) looking fretfully toward the camera while standing in front of a two story blue building with white columns and trim, out of focus in the background a woman is standing on the second floor balcony of the building

    The Good Lord Bird Episode 2: “A Wicked Plot”

    What happens when a passion project created by a performer as a showcase for their talents takes a decidedly different step? Is an episode of a show about John Brown still the same show when Brown himself doesn’t show up until the final minutes? Can an episode about the growth of the actual main character […] More

  • A shocked John Brown (Ethan Hawke) sitting inside a tent to the left and Henry "Little Onion" Shackleford (Joshua Caleb Johnson)making a terrible face after taking a bite from an onion sitting to the right while John Brown Jr. stands in the center between them with cups in his hands.

    The Good Lord Bird Episode 1: “Meet the Lord”

    The Good Lord Bird Episode 1 “Meet the Lord” the first of the new Showtime limited series, aired on Sunday. The show is a modernist take on the story of John Brown’s rebellion and a look at the nature of the Black experience in America. Along the way, it attempts to recon with both “white […] More