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  • Ed Harris holding a gun in Westworld.

    Westworld S4E7: “Metanoia” — Cockroaches Shall Inherit the Earth

    The following contains spoilers for Westworld S4E7 “Metanoia” (directed by Meera Menon and written by Desa Larkin-Boutte & Denise Thé) After last week’s relatively slow, but thematically rich episode, Westworld S4E7 “Metanoia” moves at such a fast narrative pace that I was kind of bummed about it. I wish I could’ve spent more time with the […] More

  • Bernard looks at someone off screen in Westworld

    Westworld S4E6: “Fidelity” — Prisoners of the New World

    The following contains spoilers for Westworld S4E6 “Fidelity” (directed by Andrew Seklir and written by Jordan Goldberg & Alli Rock) Westworld S4E6 “Fidelity” digs deeper than I thought the show would go in its focus on who exactly suffers when the “bad guys” win. Because of the thematic nature of the episode, which I’ll get to […] More

  • close up of Teddy in Westworld

    Westworld S4E5: “Zhuangzi” — The Beautiful Lie

    The following contains spoilers for Westworld S4E5 “Zhuangzi” (directed by Craig William Macneill and written by Wes Humphrey & Lisa Joy) “You have no control. And yet you’re so assured that you do. It’s not scripted for you. It’s genuine, isn’t it? It’s beautiful, really. A beautiful lie.” – William to a human in opening scene […] More

  • Bernard sitting in a booth in a diner in Westworld

    Westworld S4E3: “Annees Folles” — Bernard Returns

    The following contains spoilers for Westworld S4E3 “Annees Folles” (directed by Hanelle M. Culpepper and written by Kevin Lau & Suzanne Wrubel) Bernard is back and he’s now Doctor Strange at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Season 4 Episode 3 of Westworld opens with a sequence that could’ve been an episode unto itself (and I […] More

  • Thandie Newton in a gown and Aaron Paul in a tux in Westworld

    Westworld S4E2: “Well Enough Alone” — Slowing Down

    The following contains spoilers for Westworld S4E2 “Well Enough Alone” (directed by Craig William Macneill and written by Matt Pitts & Christina Ham) If you didn’t care for last week’s Season 4 premiere of Westworld, Episode 2 most likely did not change your mind regarding how you feel about the show at this point. It’s an […] More

  • a dark-haired Dolored in Westworld

    Westworld S4E1: “The Auguries” — The Beginning of the End?

    The following contains spoilers for Westworld S4E1, “The Auguries” (written by Lisa Joy & Will Soodik and directed by Richard J. Lewis) Westworld is not concerned with holding your hand and walking you through the show’s narrative, and I suppose it was never concerned with that. If you couldn’t wrap your head around the multiple […] More

  • Vision looks over his shoulder as Wanda looks on, standing in the street, in WandaVision 'The Series Finale'

    WandaVision S1E9: The (Not Quite) Series Finale

    Note the title of WandaVision’s ninth and final episode: ‘The Series Finale’. Series. Not season. Series finale. Writer and show-runner Jac Schaeffer goes into the ending of Marvel’s experiment with a conclusion in mind, if such a thing exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Herein lies the curious paradox of the MCU and why some […] More

  • Dolores looks wistfully off into the distance

    Westworld S3E8: “Crisis Theory”

    So, here we are. We’ve finally arrived at Westworld S3E8, the finale of Westworld’s third season. It’s been a curious season. Personally, I’ve enjoyed it more than the second season but not as much as the first, which is still my favourite by a considerable stretch. What this season got right, in general, was to […] More

  • Caleb stresses out at the feet of Solomon

    Westworld S3E7 “Passed Pawn”

    Last week on Westworld, we were given hints that William and Caleb have an unexpected link involving the AR therapy under the control of everybody’s new favourite villain, Serac. But when did Caleb come into Serac’s orbit? And what does that mean for Caleb? In an uncharacteristic rush to show its cards, the penultimate episode […] More

  • William stands smiling smugly whilst wearing his white mental institution clothes

    Westworld S3E6: “Decoherence”

    Last week, we got an insight into the motivators and drives behind our favourite new supervillain, Serac, and we also got to see the beginning of all hell breaking loose as Dolores released everyone’s Incite profile to their smart technology, giving them a true glimpse into what sort of controls are lain upon their lives. […] More

  • A mobile phone showing just one ordinary citizen's social profile

    Westworld S3E5: “Genre”

    Last week, Serac gave us a glimpse of the larger history of the world our characters inhabit, showing us a smoking, decimated Paris. This week, in Westworld S3E5, he starts to connect the dots between the destruction of his home and the building of Rehoboam and in the process demonstrates that he might be exactly […] More

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