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Dust Off Tim Curry’s …from the vaults

Rachel: Look, it’s Rocky Horror season. I obviously celebrate this joyous time by listening to various iterations of the film and original cast albums along with the utterly underrated Shock Treatment soundtrack. More often than not, I also take a detour over to Tim Curry’s discography from his brief interlude as a 1970s rock star.

Promotional video clips for “I Do the Rock” and “Paradise Garage” were typically shown as a prelude to midnight showings of Rocky, and Curry released four albums between 1978 and 1981 (with a Best Of collection following a bit later on). Curry had previously recorded an EP in 1976 which wasn’t released in its entirety till 2010, entitled ...from the vaults.

Die-hard Rocky fans will recognize four of the nine tracks from the Songs from the Vault: A Collection of Rocky Horror Rarities. I lucked into finding that album at a used record store when I was a teenager and played Curry’s tracks incessantly, especially his dreamy cover of The Supremes’ “Baby Love.” (I mean, THAT VOICE.)

Finally getting the rest of the tracks from that era in streamable form is a real treat. If you haven’t listened to anything outside Curry’s vocal stylings in Rocky, I implore you to give yourself over the absolutely grooviest and sultry sounds of Mr. Tim Curry. (“We Went as Far as We Felt Like Going” still slaps after all these years, too.)

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