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FoxyJoel on Twitch

Emma: The world of Twitch streamers is one I’m new to. I don’t typically seek out that type of content, and when I do, I find a couple people I like and tend to stick with them for any streaming needs. V-tubing is something I’m even less familiar with. If you don’t know what a “V-tuber” is, it’s an online content creator that uses an animated character (often a CGI motion capture model) as their persona. The subject of this segment happens to be both this and a Twitch streamer!

FoxyJoel is an energetic and enthusiastic fella who takes the form of a gothic porcelain doll. The story behind his character is that he was an art streamer who passed away and became entrapped within the aforementioned 6’1” doll, thus animating it. Now, he continues to stream artwork, with games on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and sometimes video watch-alongs!

With thousands of followers, it’s remarkable how well Joel is able to keep up with the chat and interact with just about everybody throughout his streams. For me, this is one of the best aspects of his content, as being able to engage and have fun with everyone present is my favorite thing about streams. When the chat is moving at 70 miles per hour, it’s hard for me to keep focused. When I’m watching someone engage in an activity in real time, I feel the need to be able to interact in real time as well, or else I feel like a grain of sand in a tornado. So, I’m grateful for anyone who takes the time to be present in their stream communities—it makes me feel like a human person!

As far as his actual content goes, Joel’s streams are as energetic as he is, and a bit lewd humor-wise (you get an extra three inches to your member if you follow; who could resist?!). It’s clear from the moment you enter that he has established banter with his base, and they feed off each other in spades. Everyone is friendly, kind, and witty, and my experience with everyone so far has been completely positive!

V-tubers are an incredibly interesting phenomenon, definitely enticing to those who want to become a creator without having to reveal what they look like. Fame, widespread or centralized, isn’t for everyone, and I’m glad V-tubing now exists as one of the few ways to exist online under a cloak of obscurity. They’re a creative bunch, some coming up with backstories and lore for their personas, adding a whole other layer of innovativeness to the concept. It didn’t completely occur to me that folks were inventing all this extra content to go along with their little characters; I may have been subconsciously equating it with the use of “puppets” by many commentary/review YouTubers, which exist to represent the YouTuber in question and nothing else.

If you’re interested in exploring the world of V-tubers and streamers, and enjoy a solid community with much playful banter, I definitely recommend giving FoxyJoel a look, and hope you’ll come join in on the fun! He can be found on Twitch, and sometimes publishes content on a YouTube channel of the same name.

Written by TV Obsessive

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