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  • Audrey smokes in twin peaks high school bathroom

    Working to Solve for X in Twin Peaks Episode 4

    There is a surplus of fan-favorite quotable lines in Twin Peaks Episode 4, and I think the chewiest is when Audrey Horne tells Donna Hayward, “In real life, there is no algebra.” There is a telling irony in this quip. On the surface, Audrey’s articulating with all the confidence of a high school teenager how […] More

  • Margaret Lanterman, the Log Lady, calling Hawk.

    The Log Lady – Between Two Worlds

    [Cooper] Who’s the lady with the log? [Truman] We call her the Log Lady. – Twin Peaks, pilot episode [Log Lady] One day my log will have something to say about this. – Twin Peaks, season 1, episode 1 Famously, neither David Lynch nor Mark Frost like to discuss publicly who contributed what bits to […] More