Twin Peaks Episode 6: Favorite Moments and Memories

S1E7 “Realization Time”

Dale Tells Harry in the Double R how you should find a way to give yourself a present in Twin Peaks

“Twin Peaks Episode 6: Favorite Moments and Memories” was written by Aaron Cohen

Twin Peaks Episode 6, directed by Caleb Deschanel and written by Harley Peyton, is part of what I believe to be a near-perfect season of television. I tried to have a bit of fun writing this article and highlight my favorite quotes and scenes from this episode. I hope it encourages you to rewatch!

The Great Northern Hotel

Great Northern hotel at night

We open with a gorgeous shot of the moon and the Falls. I wouldn’t have minded if the camera lingered on this shot for half the episode’s running time (perhaps it might have, had Lynch directed? But I digress). We immediately pick up with the resolution of the fantastic cliffhanger in Episode 5: What’s going to happen next with Agent Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne? Their chemistry seems terrific, and both actors are practically glowing in this scene. Cooper mentions he has no secrets, which leads me to question whether any television character has ever said such a thing and been telling the truth.

It’s a great scene, and we hear one of the series’ most memorable quotes: “What I want and what I need are two different things, Audrey.” The boy scout in Dale Cooper comes out strong here, as he tells Audrey what she needs right now more than anything else is a friend, someone who will listen. Cooper’s earnest and sincere delivery here is in stark contrast to Mr. C’s in The Return when speaking to Ray Monroe: “Want, not need. I don’t need anything, Ray. If there’s one thing you should know about me, Ray, it’s that I don’t need anything. I want.” Chilling.

Runner-up favorite quote from this scene? “Secrets are dangerous things, Audrey.”

Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Station

We cut to the Sheriff’s station as Andy enters to an uncomfortable conversation with Lucy. Doesn’t he know it’s “peak activity time at the station switchboard”? That had to have been part of Andy’s onboarding training. It’s also what I’ve told people over the past 30 years whenever I want to pretend I’m busy, so I recognized right away that perhaps Lucy’s words are not what they seem here.

Enter Cooper blowing a whistle. This is something else I would have loved to have seen more of—perhaps somewhere between the length of a guest performance at the Miss Twin Peaks pageant and the entirety of a single side of a cassette tape. It’s a genuinely fun moment in a season full of them. Cooper visits Waldo the myna bird, who is still recovering from being starved and dehydrated. We learn that Jacques Renault had three guests at his cabin: Laura Palmer, Ronette Pulaski, and Leo Johnson. The gang believes that when Waldo fully recovers,  they’ll have a witness to mimic what was said that night. The grapes are right on edge, so Doc Hayward decides to feed him apples.

We know full well by this point that Agent Cooper loves coffee, but what does he not like? Birds. In case keeping his distance from Waldo’s cage doesn’t tip you off, Cooper also says, “I don’t like birds.” The reason is found in the outstanding book The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes by Scott Frost (yes, Mark’s brother). In Cooper’s Sept. 1, 1968 entry he describes a bird attack in Simms’ Hardware store. Here is the relevant passage:

The following incident happened at about 3 p.m. today. While inside of Simms’ Hardware, a large colored bird flew in through the door and landed near the bins of nails and screws. Mr. Simms then tried to get the bird back out the door with a broom and it panicked, flying right into my head. I then ran into the plumbing section with the bird hanging on to my hair, where Mr. Simms smacked me in the face with the broom, knocking me to the floor and sending the bird into an air duct, where it was chopped up by a fan. I do not like birds. Mr. Simms gave me a free claw hammer for being a good sport.

A $1,000 chip from One-Eyed Jack’s is uncovered, and the gang resolves to undertake some fieldwork (Waldo busted in and said “What’s that noise?” Aw, Waldo, you’re just jealous it’s THE BOOKHOUSE BOYS). The Bookhouse Boys decide to hatch a plot to save the day here, and we’re all here for it. Favorite line in this scene? “That’s our Waldo,” from Harry, to which Cooper replies “No Harry, the girl. That’s Laura.” Technically, they are both correct.

Happenings Around Town

Leo takes a gun from inside his truck while sitting in the passenger seat with the door open in Twin Peaks Episode 6

While this is happening; Bobby Briggs is visiting Shelly Johnson (who we last saw in the prior episode SHOOTING Leo Johnson!), but surprise, Leo is still alive and spying on Bobby. Leo sees Bobby hugging Shelly (“Come on, loverboy, Leo’s waiting”), but Bobby’s not in earshot and continues his display of affection (“Bobby’s here, baby, Bobby’s here”). Madchen Amick delivers a strong emotional performance, revealing she shot Leo and now fears for her life. Bobby commits to take care of her. First-time viewers think that promise might be broken that very moment courtesy of a bullet from Leo, but Lucy’s voice on the walkie-talkie saves the day for Bobby Briggs. The now fully hydrated and fed Waldo may be ready to talk, and Leo decides he would rather attempt to kill a bird over a human. He races to the Sheriff’s station.

Other happenings include Donna, Maddy, and James listening to recordings Laura Palmer made for Doctor Jacoby (who at this point seems, perhaps, not exactly the best doctor in the world), only to discover that one tape is missing. They plan to break into Jacoby’s office to find it.

Audrey is now working at Horne’s, the family department store. A customer does not like Audrey’s suggestions and wants a scent that makes a statement. Audrey suggests wearing a perfume bottle around one’s neck to be the best possible statement (two statements for the price of one!), but the customer rejects this inspired idea. Audrey hides in a closet to hear coworker Jenny receive a unicorn gift (apparently, it’s the ancient symbol of purity, tamed only by the young at heart) and also the chance of a lifetime…to be a hospitality girl! The job description includes escorting VIPs, meaning “wealthy men in need of a little company.” The mysterious “Black Rose” is mentioned, and Audrey finds a book of names and little hearts…and Ronette Pulaski has been awarded the most hearts!

The Double R Diner

Episode 6 features a visit to The Double R Diner for what may be my favorite moment of the entire series. No, it isn’t when Hank Jennings recommends the meatloaf and Sheriff Truman rejects the offer. It arrives after another of Harry’s rejections, this time to a cup of coffee. Dale Cooper is Dale Cooper, so he isn’t interested in skipping coffee. He convinces Harry to do the same with a quote we’re all familiar with, but I’ll include it here in its entirety just because I can. Heck, get up, make a cup of coffee, and slowly read the following while picturing the sights and sounds of The Double R.

Harry, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Everyday, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it, don’t wait for it. Just let it happen. It could be a new shirt at the men’s store. A catnap in your office chair. Or two cups of good, hot black coffee. Like this.

Harry’s earnest smile and reply say it all: “A present. Like Christmas.” This is a place I want to visit and never leave.

Undercover at One-Eyed Jack’s

Back at Horne’s Department Store, Audrey gets the number for Black Rose (almost immediately), and we cut to Nadine eating bonbons watching everyone’s favorite show, An Invitation To Love. Nadine’s silent-drape-runners venture has been rejected (maybe Audrey’s idea of hanging perfume bottles around necks will take off better?), and Big Ed pleads with her not to give up.

Pete Martell makes a brief appearance, and we then learn that Ben and Catherine may be scheming (potentially even involving a fire). Cut to a “pretty spiffy” Agent Cooper, complete with $10,000 of the Bureau’s money. He’s ready for a night out at One-Eyed Jack’s.

The Bookhouse Boys meeting is called to order, and they review their protocol checklist:

  1. Transportation: brand-new Cadillac perfect for cover
  2. Identities: high rollers from the Tri-Cities (Barney and Fred)
  3. Professions: oral surgeons (please remember this is different from a gas station attendant)
  4. Purpose: big spenders vacationing among the firs
  5. A curly-haired wig for Ed that will work like gangbusters (even with Ed’s big head)

Ed Hurley and Cooper in disguise at One Eyed Jacks

We now hear the final words of Waldo (“Laura, Laura”) just before Leo ruins both him and the donuts on the table. Luckily, a tape recorder picks up more than just those final words: Leo’s name. Hearing the now ex-bird utter the words “Leo no, Leo no” is chilling, and thunder is used here for great dramatic effect. Andy perhaps best sums up our feelings for Waldo in this scene: “Poor Waldo.”

The Bookhouse Boys have now arrived at One-Eyed Jack’s, where they meet Blackie. Cooper is smooth: “Glad to know you Blackie. I like your style.” Despite looking smooth, Big Ed responds to a question about his line of work with: “Own a gas station. Um, I’m an oral surgeon.” He ends up not blowing their cover through some quick-thinking double-entendre talk about cars with Blackie, who decides he’s cool.

Twin Peaks After Dark

The only visit to the Palmer house in this episode involves Maddy quietly sneaking down the stairs. Leland is sitting on the couch by himself in the dark, glaring. It’s an unsettling scene, especially considering later revelations about Leland’s character.

A dark living room, but Leland’s looming face turns out of the darkness.

We’re then treated to Maddy showing off her Laura Palmer cosplay to James, Icelandic singing, Ben Horne eating ice cream directly out of the tub, and Jerry Horne. When the Horne brothers are having fun, it’s a joy to watch, particularly Jerry’s infectious excitement. Of course, that’s despite the revelation of more and more information about their sordid dealings. They decide to treat the Icelanders to a signing party at One-Eyed Jack’s and head off. It feels like the pieces are all coming together as we near the Season 1 finale.

Audrey (er, I mean, Hester Prynne), now arrives at One-Eyed Jack’s and meets with Blackie. Unsurprisingly, Hester is not shy, though she almost blows her cover almost immediately. But then Hester/Audrey saves the day by tying a cherry stem into a knot using only her tongue. Her reward is not being airmailed back to civilization.

Audrey at One Eyed Jacks in black dress

And now Doctor Jacoby is watching An Invitation to Love when he is rudely interrupted (though he still answers the phone with a chipper “Aloha!”) by Maddy’s phone call. She sounds just like Laura and promises something at Jacoby’s door. It’s a package with a videotape, which sent waves of nostalgia upon me while rewatching this episode. The tape includes a creepy video of cosplay Laura holding a paper with today’s date on it. Jacoby at least appears to take the bait and heads out to Sparkwood and 21. He does, however, end up noticing a gazebo in the shot…

This episode ends with a few final points of intrigue. We first see Maddy, still in her wig, waiting by the gazebo. We see Bobby Briggs doing something dangerous to James’ bike; Bobby isn’t developing a great reputation, what with this, drug dealing, and killing a guy in his past. And finally, we see someone in the shadows creepily breathing and watching Bobby.

What a fantastic episode and a great setup to the first season’s finale. So many fascinating characters, interesting plotlines, and memorable quotes, and everything seems to be coming together beautifully. The first season of Twin Peaks is really something special.

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