The Luka State Rocks Positivity with Debut Album Fall In Fall Out

The four male members of The Luka State standing looking at the camera
Credit: Rob Blackham

The Luka State are a name I have been hearing more and more, and let me tell you right here, right now, they rock… With a plethora of post-punk bands currently releasing albeit incredible music, this is something different. An indie rock band whose debut album Fall In Fall Out was released 29 January 2021 via Shelter Records/BMG. With all the usual options to launch an album currently curtailed, they chose a unique method. A copy of the album was physically launched into space on a weather balloon complete with four Lego figurines of the band members!

Opening track “Feel It” is a raucous song that will be a crowd-pleaser when we get back to gigs, with an anthemic chorus and pounding drums throughout its a great start to the album and sets the scene of what’s to come.

The band The Luka State on stage. on
Credit: Jono Terry

“Bury Me” and “Fake News” are in the same vein with a bombastic attitude and power vocals by lead singer and guitarist Conrad Ellis. Those pulsating drums just raise the roof throughout the whole album.

“Kick in the Teeth” opens with the guitars centre stage. The themes throughout Fall In Fall Out are of relationships, our own insecurities, love but the delivery is with emotion and power. You can hear every word sung by Conrad, so clear and strong.

The Luka State were brought up on bands such as The Clash and The Jam. The four-piece are from Winsford, Cheshire. Conrad and bassist Sam Bell met in their local youth club, and have been playing music together since they were just twelve years old. They saw drummer Jake Barnabas play at a festival and the line-up was complete when they met guitarist, Lewis Pusey.

“Bold” and title track “Fall In Fall Out” are more in the vein of rock ballads with pitch-perfect vocals.  Imagine arms in the air and swaying with your mates—that is something to look forward to.

Fall In Fall Out is for fans of Foo Fighters, Stereophonics, The Killers et al., with its soaring indie rock. Twelve tracks in total on this album with an average song length at around three minutes make it a punchy collection of songs. No overlong guitar solos to string out tracks, just straight forward top-notch rock and roll.

The final track is “What’s My Problem” with a chorus of “I’m in love because I want to be lonely.” A lyric what made me stop and think.

I loved the 1min (Outro) to close the album. A piano plays and then a long gap before the final spoken “I think that’s it!” at the end. It seemed to state the joy the band felt to have created this album. It has been a long road for them, and they are entitled to be proud of what they have produced. I almost expected to hear, “And that’s a wrap”.

The Luka State spent several days with a very chilled out guy called Luca in Toronto where they played five gigs a week. Luca was a free spirit who believed in positive energy and living for the moment. Hence The Luka State was born, with the band attempting to spread this message through their music and attitude.

With a review in Kerrang! and gigs booked across the UK in September things are looking good for The Luka State. And just so you know, yes I have my ticket. I’ll see you at the barrier.

Written by Julia Mason

I love funky punky music you can dance to, and that's the type of music that inspires my writing. Currently an admin for the Fontaines D.C. Facebook fangroup "What's Really Going On?" which now has almost 4000 members. Living in Edinburgh, UK I am also a member of Pentland Triathletes and have completed two Half Ironmans. Good to meet you!

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