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  • POV shot of a starship flying into a colorful pentagon
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    A Perfect Ten for Carpenter Brut

    The popularity of synthwave has skyrocketed in the last decade, with films like Drive and games like Hotline Miami bringing a genre once thought lost to the ’80s back into the zeitgeist. It’s only gotten more popular since those formative pieces of media, and these days there’s an almost endless number of bands, groups, DJs, […] More

  • Drawn figures sit in a tree on the cover of Destroyer Labyrinthitis

    Destroyer: Labyrinthitis — Dan Bejar Admits Confusion in the Disoriented and Labyrinthine Cold Glitz

    Listening to Labyrinthitis for the first time—as with any Destroyer record—is to step into the unknown. Destroyer is beyond genres, making snap changes from a tight, folksy glam rock album to an actively maculated lo-fi rock record, to an unwarned dabbling in sophisti-pop. The only real precedent which Destroyer rests on is Dan Bejar’s thin […] More

  • Still from My Chemical Romance's "welcome to the black parade" music video featuring the band members in black and white military jackets performing on a float
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    Three Cheers For A Perfect Ten — My Chemical Romance

    Comparing other bands in the 2000s emo scene to My Chemical Romance felt like a cheap shot at times. Often, the theatricality of other bands in their camp felt like posturing, their overly verbose lyrics hiding nothing but teen angst and fragile masculinity. With MCR, though, there was something different. The quintet possessed a sense […] More

  • Crash album cover: Charli XCX in a bikini on the bonnet of a car, peering through a windshield she has just cracked with her head

    Charli XCX Makes a Bid for the Mainstream with Crash

    Crash was without a doubt my most anticipated album of 2022, however that does come with an asterisk. There’s different kinds of anticipation and rather than pure excitement, I’ve spent the last six months anticipating Crash with mounting hesitancy. Charli XCX has earned herself pride of place among my favourite artists, with a distinctive and groundbreaking style […] More

  • Members of the band Voltagehawk

    Voltagehawk — Modern Gasoline Feeds a Fresh Fire in Electric Thunder

    Voltagehawk comes in screaming with Electric Thunder, a dirty grease rock adventure that brings a crackling blues vibe to sci-fi soundscapes. This eclectic electric assortment of tracks is essentially a garage band but don’t be fooled by such a simplistic term. Distorted guitars and ambient tones combine with hard hitting drums and driving bass to […] More

  • Super Furry Animals Radiator Cover Art

    Super Furry Animals: A Return to Radiator

    On 25 August 1997, Super Furry Animals released their second album, Radiator. I can honestly say, 25 years later, my life has not been the same since. Super Furry Animals had been busy before Radiator. After buying a tank to blast techno at festivals and releasing an expletive riddled ode to forgotten hero football Robin […] More

  • A white pill tab sits on a blue backdrop (Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space album cover)

    Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Spiritualized

    Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space was an important first for me. It was the first album I bought solely on recommendation from reviews, specifically the “4 out of 5” from Select Magazine and the “9 out of 10” from NME. I had slavishly been buying music journalism for over 12 months, but […] More

  • Joy on Fire's logo spray painted onto a wall

    Joy on Fire’s Unknown Cities

    “Why are you always writing battle music?” That’s how Joy on Fire bassist and principal songwriter John Paul Carillo said that their saxophonist Anna Meadors described their music when I interviewed the pair last year. In their latest release, Unknown Cities, the jazz-punk trio continues to flex their high-energy battle music muscles and virtuosic technique, […] More

  • Forget Your Own Face: Black Dresses Album Cover, Devi McCallion and Ada Rook: cover photo by Molly from Medicine Hat, edit by Ada Rook

    Black Dresses: Forget Your Own Face

    Just a couple of months ago I picked Black Dresses’s Forever in Your Heart as my favourite album of last year. I hadn’t expected to. For a long time I thought The Turning Wheel or Sinner Get Ready would take that spot, but looking back on the year, I decided it was appropriate to go with a more personal […] More

  • The Velvet Rope Album Cover: Janet, her head tilted forward morosely

    The Velvet Rope: The Queen of R&B’s Magnum Opus

    The arc of history has done unfortunate things to Janet Jackson and her legacy. For one of the most relevant artists of the ‘80s and ‘90s, her career suffered a nearly fatal blow when the CBS corporation blacklisted her and her relevance precipitously waned. But at her height, Jackson was a megastar, setting records and […] More

  • Black Country New Road's album cover Ants From Up There

    Ants From Up There: Black Country, New Road

    Black Country, New Road’s stock skyrocketed last year with the release of one of the most acclaimed debuts of the year. Their first studio album For the First Time was a bold, carnivalesque and strange offering of art-rock and post-punk; assertive, brazenly awkward and delightfully eccentric; often sounding like you’ve caught Idles in an especially […] More

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