The Old Metal Bar-Steward Episode 5 Is Now Live

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The Old Metal Bar-Steward Episode 5 is now live. That’s right, you filthy animals, it’s been seven days since my dulcet tones brought you tales of my sordid past as well as all the news, views, and opinions that are fit to rant about, and now it’s time for another dose of your weekly metal injection. But what does your Old Metal Bar-Steward have lined up for you this time out, courtesy of 25YL Media and The Ruminations Radio Network?

I start with an explanation on why Bon Scott is so important to me and then follow up with the news of Steven William Johnson’s impending trial for alleged child abuse. Also, there’s news that Iron Maiden has some interesting projects lined up for us, though no one is saying what they are. Then it’s time for me to curse out the return of Staind, before I find myself questioning the sanity of David Ellefson, bass player extraordinaire, for claiming Megadeth are the greatest thrash band in history and that Dave Mustaine invented the genre. I then turn my attention to the news that Tony Iommi doesn’t think that rock is dead by any means. Finally, in what has me drooling with anticipation, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor is working on a movie called Zombie vs. Ninja.

As always, if you’re easily offended then The Old Metal Bar-Steward is probably not for you, and you should know that the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone, and in no way reflect the opinions or thoughts of 25YL Media or The Ruminations Radio Network. But if you have a sense of humor, then the next 20 minutes should brighten up your day. I’ll be back in a week’s time with more of my musings. Until then, stay safe and stay metal, you filthy animals.

Written by Neil Gray

The Grandmaster of Asian Cinema.

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