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The Best Character in the Buffyverse as Determined by Unscientific Polling (Tournament Champion Announcement)

Concerned, Wesley looks at Angel holding baby Connor in a hospital waiting room

Well, I hope you’ve had fun voting in our Buffy/Angel character tournament over the course of these past weeks. It’s time to announce the winner, your choice for the best character in the Buffyverse.

Last week we offered two polls, one of which put Angel and Willow head to head in the final matchup of the character tournament bracket (which was styled on the model of the NCAA tournament), while the other asked you to choose your favorite character in the Buffyverse straight up out of the 64 with which we began.

Angel won both polls! So I guess this means he is objectively the most favorite character in the Buffyverse Angelverse, carried to victory by a silent majority, baffling all of the predictive models.

Did you know that the phrase “silent majority” goes back to Homer, who used it to describe the dead? I don’t think the dead were voting in these polls, or that there was any other kind of fraud, but it is possible some people voted who really love Bones, or who were trying to recreate the David Boreanaz joke from BoJack Horseman.

David Boreanaz's face is taped over a picture of BoJack

Fair play!

There were clearly some people having a laugh in the second poll, where Miss Kitty Fantastico received two votes, Kennedy received eight votes, and Warren received one vote. Oh, and somebody voted for Connor! That’s cool because he gets a bad rap. And so does Kennedy. I am maybe a little worried about whoever voted for Warren, though. That just feels like trolling.

Buffy looks down at Warren (offscreen), prepared to fight
Buffy during her fight with Warren in ‘Seeing Red’.

Maybe it’s unfair to question Angel’s victory. Poor guy never gets his due. If he’s your favorite character in all of Buffy and Angel, please let us know in the comments. I’d like to think we got this right and discovered something unexpected.

Of course, this tournament has just been one part of TV Obsessive’s month-long celebration of Buffy to honor the 25th anniversary of the show. Check out some of the articles we’ve published both recently and in the past. There’s some pretty great stuff in there—if I do say so myself.

Thanks for voting in the Buffy/Angel character tournament! Angel won. He deserved it.

Angel looks at his own reflection in a mirror

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