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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 51: News, Notes & Barry’s Series Finale

Sally prepares to get into her car on a snowy night
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We’re approaching one year of The TV Obsessive Podcast and to mark the occasion we’re talking about some of our favorite TV from the past year. For Episode 51, Caemeron has chosen the series finale of Barry, “wow.”

But first, in the news:

John sits with his friend watching a movie
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On the Barry Series Finale, S4E8, “wow”

Hank calls Fuches to tell him that he has captured Sally and John, which prompts Fuches and his men to come visit Hank and his army. As the two sides prepare for a showdown, Fuches tells Hank he will leave forever if Hank admits to killing Cristobal. Hank refuses and a shootout takes place, eventually killing everyone except Fuches, Sally, and John.

Barry, after buying an arsenal at Walmart, shows up after it’s over, and Fuches gives him his family and then disappears.

Detectives Moss and Buckner announce Gene Cousineau is the primary suspect in the Janice Moss murder investigation. Seeing this, Sally tries to convince Barry to turn himself in, but Barry refuses, saying he has been redeemed because they are all alive. Sally and John leave the next morning without telling Barry.

When Barry searches for them at Gene’s house, Gene shoots and kills Barry.

Years later, Sally is a high school theater teacher and John is a normal teen, and the episode ends with John being shown a biopic about his dad and Gene Cousineau where Gene is painted as the villain and Barry is the hero with a tragic story.

  • On the conclusion of each character’s story
  • Thoughts on genre
  • Praise for Bill Hader as a director
  • Reflections on The Mask Collector
  • Is Barry a work of surrealism?
  • I don’t know, but it’s hilarious!

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