Mr. Mercedes S03E03 “Love Lost”

Bill Hodges standing on stage with a microphone in front of him, looking out at the pub crowd.

“For you took what’s before me and what’s behind me.
You took east and west when you would not mind me.
The sun, the stars from the sky are taken.
And God likewise I fear forsaken.”

Dónal Óg, traditional Irish song

The title this week’s episode is “Love Lost”, and once again the theme plays out a couple of threads. Morris has a love lost in Danielle, both emotionally and, as he will no doubt find out next episode, physically. Ira has a love lost in Rothstein, albeit 30 years in the past. Holly, on the other hand, may be finding new love.

This episode was a little light on Bill Hodges, letting the supporting cast shine a little brighter this time. He sweeps in at the end though, with a really powerful moment between him and Ira at the pub. Once again, showcasing what I love about this series. How they take the time to linger on a scene like that, just two old friends who respect and care for each other. Then, with a wink and a nod to the audience as Bill makes his apologies on stage, Hodges goes into a wonderful rendition of Dónal Óg, a traditional Irish song in which a woman sings of her anguish at the consequences of her passionate love affair.

Holly and Lou sit, facing each other, in a stark white hospital room, Holly looks uncomfortable.
Holly tries to coach Lou through her upcoming examination.

“Does the rocking help?”

If you were going to submit one episode to have Justine Lupe (Holly) considered for best supporting actress, this might be the episode to choose. You really feel for her having to step foot in an institution again, and then conversely you admire the strength she portrays in her determination to help Lou get out of there. Pushing the right buttons with Lou when she can’t see the danger she’s in herself. And amazingly, it paid off. Lou passed her competency exam and is headed back to court.

Once again, Holly acknowledges to Bill that this may be the real Brady here, still alive in some fashion and tormenting Lou from inside her own head, but they seem blithely calm about it. And what to make of headspace Brady’s ability to predict things about the examiner? Just a lucky guess? Is he in the hospital’s digital records perhaps and looked up who was assigned to Lou? Or is he developing new prognostication abilities? Yikes.

Also strange is that Lou accuses Finkelstein of using her as his lottery ticket. That’s the same phrase DA Montez used when talking to Bill about catching and trying the killer of John Rothstein in episode 1. Montez said, “So this here is my new career lottery ticket.” Lou says, “It’s kind of like a lottery ticket for you, career-wise, hmm, right? You, the DA, everyone.” Coincidence?

Danielle sits at a dining room table, china hutch and a small wind chime behind her.
Danielle confronts Alma in her kitchen.

“Now eat your berries, you’re gonna need ‘em baby.”

So last week, I worried that Alma might be Morris’ mother, with them having a relationship akin to Brady and his mother. That would be a tad unoriginal for this show. Turns out she’s just a mother *figure* in his life, who has been molesting and psychologically abusing him since he was 13. Well, that’s…better.

Thanks to his bookseller friend, Morris has now identified his prey (Pete), and his predator (Bill). Hodges is only two episodes behind him, having the same drive-by encounter with Pete and his dog in the field that Morris had in episode 1. The only question remains, will they trace their way to Morris through his dead girlfriend or through Rothstein’s hate mail, which no doubt contains a few letters from Alma.

Speaking of Danielle, she had to have been the most amazingly understanding girlfriend in the world to have not vanished from Morris’ life immediately after bursting in on them. Unfortunately, her predisposition to absorb it all and not act rash finally cracked and she went over to Alma’s to tell her off. If you think you’re dealing with a killer, it might not be the best idea to turn your back on them after taunting them about the evidence of their crimes that you’re going to collect. Important safety tip there kids.

Jerome with a surprised look on his face, looking at a computer screen.
Jerome finds something of interest in Rothstein’s library collection.


Quick Takes

A couple of quick takes on the rest of the episode:

  • A budding romance between Holly and Finkelstein? Wow, didn’t see that coming. I was still shipping her and the guy from her old therapy group in last season.
  • Pete pulls a gun on the bullies. Good for him, sort of, I guess. But will this get reported back to his parents perhaps?
  • Jerome is finally given something meaningful to do in this episode. Finally.

The best lines of this episode:

  • “I’m prettier than I look!”
  • “Racing amygdalas… fucking idiot.”
  • “You know, the thing about the truth Pete, is that it always comes out.”
  • “The one in Massachusetts?”
A foot in hospital whites and slippers stomps on a toy ice cream truck.
Lou crushes the imaginary ice cream truck.

Mr. Mercedes in the News

This week in the news, the Emmys were just held last Sunday. No, Mr. Mercedes did not get any nominations this year. But in honor of the Emmy snub, I thought we’d look back on the nominations and awards Mr. Mercedes *did* get this year.

The Saturn Awards, presented by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films and honoring shows in those genres, was just held two weeks ago on September 13. Yeah, I missed it too. Our favorite show only had one nomination, for “Best Action-Thriller Television Series”. Better Call Saul won out in that category. Still, always good to be nominated.

However, back on February 23, Mr. Mercedes did much better at the Satellite Awards, presented by the International Press Academy. The show had 3 nominations, including “Best Drama Series” (losing out to Homecoming), “Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or TV Film” for Justine Lupe (losing out to Sharon Stone of Mosiac), and “Best Actor in a Drama / Genre Series”, for which Brendan Gleeson won!

We’ll see them at the Emmys next year, no doubt.

In Stephen King television/movie adaptation news, Netflix dropped a trailer for In the Tall Grass, based on the 2012 novella co-written by King and his son Joe Hill. The full movie also premiered at Fantastic Fest 2019 in Austin, TX this weekend to reviews ranging from good to meh, so it might be worth checking out when it drops on October 4.

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