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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 19: News, Notes & The Last of Us, “Long, Long Time”

Bill looks on while Frank sits at a piano in The Last of Us
Photograph by Liane Hentscher/HBO

On Episode 19 of The TV Obsessive Podcast, Ryan puts The Last of Us, “Long, Long Time” on his Mount Rushmore of all-time great episodes of television, and Caemeron weighs in having seen it this week for the first time. But first, in the news:

Caemeron is wrapping up his coverage of Invasion Season 2, but remains unsure as to whether he thinks the show is good. Ryan is working on Loki Season 2, which features Jonathan Majors, who is set to appear in court soon.

Bill protects his property from the infected
Photograph by Liane Hentscher/HBO

On The Last of Us S1E3, “Long, Long Time”

After Tess’ sacrifice in S1E2, Joel and Ellie begin the hike to meet with Bill and Frank. Ellie sees evidence of the government’s execution of innocents during the early days of the pandemic. Back in 2007, Frank leaves Baltimore and stumbles upon the compound of Bill, a paranoid survivalist who reluctantly takes him in. The men begin a romance, sharing a love of music and food. Years later, Frank contacts Tess by radio and the two groups enter a tenuous friendship. In the present, Frank is terminally ill and asks Bill to assist his suicide after they marry. Bill, not wanting to live without Frank, kills himself as well. When Joel and Ellie arrive, they discover a letter Bill left for Joel. Bill wrote that protecting Frank gave his life meaning and that he has bequeathed all his supplies to Joel and Tess. Unbeknownst to Joel, Ellie takes Frank’s pistol. They take Bill’s truck and set out to find Tommy.

  • Differences between the game and the show
  • Thoughts on apocalypse as fantasy
  • Bill and Frank’s romance
  • Linda Ronstadt!

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