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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 22: News, Notes & Doctor Who, “Heaven Sent”

The Veil grabs the Doctor by the head

On Episode 22 of The TV Obsessive Podcast, Caemeron and Ryan discuss Doctor Who, “Heaven Sent,” which Caemeron places on his Mount Rushmore of all-time great episodes of television. But first, in the news:

We talk about The Curse, what genre to even put it in, how much makes us suffer, and how we love it despite that (or is it because of that?). Ryan’s looking forward to Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, and Caemeron checked out the Manningcast for Monday Night Football for the first time.

Skulls litter the ground underwater

On Doctor Who, “Heaven Sent”

In the aftermath of Clara’s death, the Doctor is trapped in a castle where he is pursued by a creature called the Veil. It wants him to confess, but he resists. To escape, he punches through a wall that’s harder than diamond, though this takes him billions of years, and untold numbers of deaths and rebirths, enabled by the teleporter that brought him here in the first place.

  • General thoughts about Doctor Who
  • On the narrative logic of the episode
  • How it functions as a metaphor or symbol for grief and mourning
  • Comparisons to the Season 2 finale of Loki

Next Time on The TV Obsessive Podcast…

We begin our coverage of Fargo Season 5, talking about the first two episodes of the season, which are set to premiere on November 21. Check back after you’ve watched each episode of the upcoming season to hear our thoughts, and be sure to read the recaps from Felicia Nickens as well.

We hear Fargo is based on a true story, so we’re looking forward to it.

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