Fargo S5E5 Recap: “The Tiger” Illustrates the Power of the Badass Lyon Women

Lorraine exits a car in Fargo S5E5, "The Tiger"
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The following recap contains spoilers for Fargo S5E5, “The Tiger” (written by Noah Hawley and directed by Dana Gonzales)

Maybe I am biased because I am a woman, but I love watching powerful females, onscreen and off. It was made clear through the last few episodes that Dorothy (Juno Temple) is stronger and wittier than she appears, and while Lorraine (Jennifer Jason Leigh) wielded the power of her money around briefly, she finally gets dedicated screen time revealing just how clever and powerful she can be.

Before I get into the shit show Dorothy has to endure this week, let’s discuss how Lorraine stomps all over some gentlemen.

Lorraine & Tillman

Lorraine shows up to a business lunch with a man named Vivian Dugger (Andrew Wheeler). Dugger owns a bank that has a history of shady dealings, but nevertheless Lorraine wants to dabble in the credit business since she already crushed the debt business, and buy his bank. He seems to dismiss her as a nobody and appears appalled that a “lady” is doing business with him. Lorraine even speculates that his last negotiation with a woman was over a “Tijuana blow job.” Not in the mood for his shit, she reminds him of his crooked business habits and informs him she can have him shut down—not to mention she is about to knock 10 million dollars off of her offer. She gives him to the end of the business day to give her an answer.

Back home, Tillman (Jon Hamm) is waiting for her. He explains that Dorothy and he were married long ago and that she disappeared. He wants her back and is hoping for Lorraine’s help. To my enjoyment she puts him in his place as well. While she would love nothing more than to “put her in a box and return her to sender,” Dorothy is the mother of her grandchild, whom Lorraine “kind of likes” and also, Wayne loves her. Tillman persists and reminds her of the laws of marriage. A wife is her husband’s property (gross) and as such, Dorothy belongs to him. In his eyes, Wayne is a thief. You can tell Lorraine’s gears are turning and she has him figured out. She spits some facts at him as well, informing him that after a person is missing for seven years, they are declared legally dead, in which case Dorothy is no longer his property and belongs to Wayne now.


Danish (Dave Foley) makes the mistake of popping in during the conversation and asking about Dugger. This piques Tillman’s interest as he has made an arrangement with Dugger in the past after catching him with a “lady of the evening.”

Lorraine offers him money before she essentially kicks him out. He’s not about that though, and revenge is written all over his face.

I imagine the mention of Dugger was no coincidence by the writers and Tillman will find a way to sabotage the dealings between Dugger and Lorraine. Knowing her, she will not let him get away with it and this is the future fight I’m looking forward to.

Later, Deputy Olmstead shows up and tries to understand why Lorraine had Dorothy committed. Lorraine just throws Olmstead’s current financial situation in her face and reminds Olmstead that she is better than her.

Dorothy and Her No Good Very Bad Day

Prior to Lorraine’s dealings with Dugger and Tillman, she speaks to Danish about their plans for Dorothy. Upstairs, Dorothy is resting after having been at the hospital with Wayne. Her rest is interrupted by Danish and some orderlies from a psychiatric facility. Dorothy warns them about what will happen if they touch her, but they don’t listen. While they are able to subdue her, it isn’t without a fight.

At the facility (which is part of the hospital Wayne is at), Dorothy is able to use that Minnesota charm to sweet talk the orderly to give her water. It’s a mistake on his part and she is able to take him down and get out of the restraints. She disguises herself in scrubs and attempts to blend in with the staff, but they catch on pretty quickly. She manages to get away and pushes a lady in a wheelchair to not seem so conspicuous. She’s almost out of the hospital when she sees Gator (Joe Keery) and his crew at reception asking about Wayne.

Like a loving wife, she turns around and goes up to Wayne. She switches the door tags of Wayne’s room with another patient who has been nothing but mean to the nurses and now Dorothy.  She goes to Wayne and hides him in the bathroom. I loved watching them together. Wayne seems like a lost child and Dorothy shows so much patience and love for him. It’s sweet.

Dorothy and Scotty escape from Lorraine's.
CR: Michelle Faye/FX

Simultaneously, the FBI agents and Gator’s crew arrive on Wayne’s floor. The agents catch Dorothy as well and try to talk to her. They want to help and she seems all for it, until she tricks them and sneaks out of a bathroom window.

Gator and team go into the room where Wayne’s door tag is now placed and presumably take the wrong man.

Dorothy goes back to Lorraine’s and is able to sneak Scotty away with her. They show up at Deputy Olmstead’s (Richa Moorjani) home, much to her surprise. They have a discussion and while Dorothy doesn’t come out and say it outright, Olmstead seems to piece together that Dorothy sustained abuse and trauma in the past, but isn’t aware it’s Tillman who inflicted it. Dorothy asks Olmstead to watch Scotty for a few days while she handles the situation. Olmstead surprisingly agrees and off Dorothy goes.

Dorothy leaves and it is implied that she is on her way to kill Tillman.

So many people are after this guy now, who will get him first?

Written by Felicia Nickens

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