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  • Ole Munch Close Up

    Fargo S5E3 Recap: Nipples, Occult, and Bulletproof Vests

    The following recap contains spoilers for Fargo S5E3, “The Paradox of Intermediate Transactions” (written by Noah Hawley and directed by Donald Murphy) After last week’s premiere, I was ready for some action this episode, but it didn’t quite deliver on that front. Most of Episode 3 focuses on the preparation (from all sides) for the […] More

  • A man in a hat with a gun walks away from a burning car

    Fargo S4E11 Wraps Up The Beginning of A New American Crime History

    Fargo S4E11 wrapped up the prequel season of the crime anthology series. Season 4 sought to retell the fictional history of the Kansas City mob by subverting imagery and tropes from Hollywood. First, Loy Cannon managed to fend off Josto’s alliance with Happy and Leon by striking a deal with Violante based on Ethelrida’s information […] More

  • Ethelrida Smutny in S4E10 of Fargo

    Fargo S4E10: The Gospel of Ethelrida Pearl Smutny

    Fargo S4E10 leads us into the finale with a brutal episode that nevertheless ends with a triumphant Ethelrida Pearl Smutny striking a deal with Loy Cannon that could save her family. In keeping with the religious symbolism seen all throughout Fargo Season 4, Ethelrida’s bold actions make a compelling parable about justice and mercy. But […] More

  • Detective Weff with his gun drawn in a train station, bodies visible on the flood in the background.

    Fargo’s Nadir Turns Apocalyptic in S4E8

    Fargo S4E8 once again lets us know that this is a story about storytelling. The episode’s title, “The Nadir,” references the moment in a traditional plot structure where the characters are at the deepest pit of their struggle. The chaos of the outside world has made its way into their lives and disrupted their chosen […] More

  • Chris Rock in a suit in Fargo Season 4, with a man to each side

    Fargo S4E7: The Angels of Death and Mercy

    Fargo S4E7 opens with a visit from the Angel of Death and ends with an act of mercy. Nurse Mayflower brings poisoned macaroons to Dr. Harvard, showing her willingness to resort to murder as a solution to nearly every problem. She can barely wait for him to take his last breath before diving into his […] More

  • Ethelrida Smutny blows out the candles of her birthday cake while a tall ghostly figure stands over her in the dark

    Fargo S4E6 Descends Into Snowy Darkness

    The opening scene of Fargo S4E6 sets an ominous tone for the episode, which starts to feel like we’re finally entering the descent into the dark abyss. Ethelrida walks into her family home and finds her parents waiting, unaware of the scene that took place in the last episode. We see the cake and the […] More

  • A line of men in coats and hats standing under umbrellas

    Fargo S4E5: A Slow Burn To A Deadly Beginning

    Fargo S4E5 isn’t a typical origin story, but it is an origin story nonetheless. It isn’t the origin of a hero or villain, or character at all. Or even the place Fargo, North Dakota. But it is the origin of the corrosive underworld we’ve come to recognize as Fargo, the vaguely supernatural element of gothic […] More

  • Loy Cannon looks down at a pool of blood after the scene of a bank robbery in Fargo

    In Fargo S4E4, The Truth In America Is Only Pretend 

    Fargo S4E4 opens with the now familiar tagline, “this is based on a true story.” I often wonder if anyone is fooled by it anymore. I certainly was when I first watched the film, completely engaged in a thrilling and dark tragedy. How many people were angry when they found out they’d been lied to […] More

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