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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 25: News, Notes & Fargo S5E4, “Insolubilia”

Lorraine and Danish stand in the hospital.
CR: Michelle Faye/FX

This week, on Episode 25 of The TV Obsessive Podcast, Caemeron and Ryan discuss Fargo Season 5 Episode 4, “Insolubilia.” But first, in the news:

Ryan’s watching Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. We talk about the most recent episode of Hard Knocks, featuring Jaelan Phillips, and Bowen Yang’s portrayal of George Santos on SNL. Caemeron’s still on The Curse and A Murder at the End of the World, binged Celebrity Jeopardy!, and is enjoying the Doctor Who anniversary specials.

Gator looks for Dorothy in her house.
CR: Michelle Faye/FX

On Fargo S5E4, “Insolubilila”

On Halloween night, Gator and his masked crew invade Dot and Wayne’s home. She has the house booby-trapped, so Dot and her family are able to escape, but not before Wayne is severely injured and the house catches on fire and burns down. 

Officers Olmstead and Farr have confirmed that Dot was the victim that was kidnapped and are trying to question Dot about the events while getting shot down by Lorraine and Danish.

Meanwhile, Munch left an ominous note in the girls’ room at the Tillman house after breaking in. 

Roy Tillman goes over to wife-abuser Joshua’s house and shoots him, convincing Gator and Joshua’s wife to tell the story that it was Munch.

  • What happened in Dot/Nadine’s past, exactly?
  • On having your own reality and “alternative facts”
  • Munch as representing how reality cannot be fully denied
  • Everyone wants to keep the authorities out of everything
  • The title refers to the Liar’s Paradox

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We continue to work through Fargo Season 5 with Episode 5, along with our usual news and notes for the week. Want more Fargo? Check out the weekly recaps of this season from Felicia Nickens, and the other articles on the show in the TV Obsessive archives.

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