The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 28: On Fargo S5E7, “Linda”

Munch speaks to his brother.
Michelle Faye/FX

Happy Holidays! This week, on The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 28, we forego our usual news and notes to proceed directly into a discussion of Fargo S5E7, “Linda.”

  • So… that was all a dream, then?
  • On what’s real and what isn’t
  • Thoughts on Linda’s Camp Utopia, and on Linda generally
  • Puppets!
  • Gator as a scared little boy
  • Questions about Ole Munch and family
  • Is Wayne the ultimate champion of good faith?

Next Time on The TV Obsessive Podcast…

We continue to work through Fargo Season 5 with Episode 8, along with our usual news and notes for the week. Want more Fargo? Check out the weekly recaps of this season from Felicia Nickens, and the other articles on the show in the TV Obsessive archives.

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