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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 32: News, Notes & Fargo S5E10, “Bisquik”

Lorraine exits a car in Fargo S5E5, "The Tiger"
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This week, on The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 32, Caemeron and Ryan discuss the finale of Fargo Season 5 (S5E10, “Bisquik”). But first, in the news:

Ryan’s watching Echo and Slow Horses. We share some thoughts about the finale of The Curse. Caemeron recommends watching Celebrity Jeopardy! and also Pablo Torre Finds Out with Katie Nolan talking through her experience on the show (along with Dan Soder).

On Fargo S5E10, “Bisquik”

After Gator is abandoned by Roy Tillman, he manages to find his way to the authorities outside the ranch and switches allegiances, giving up information about Roy and the ranch.

Roy is increasingly becoming unhinged, he kills Karen’s father, but Dorothy finds him and shoots him in the stomach. The gunshot sets off a full-on battle on the ranch between the authorities and Roy’s militia, allowing Roy to slink away.

Witt gives Dorothy shelter but then heads out after Roy. Roy surprises him in his underground tunnels and stabs Deputy Farr in the heart, killing him. Thinking he has a way out, Roy makes his way through the tunnels only to be greeted by authorities because Gator told them where he would be.

In prison one year later, Lorraine visits Roy and tells him she has basically paid dozens of prisoners to torture him while he is in jail.

Back at Wayne and Dot’s home, Ole Munch shows up while they are cooking chili for dinner, saying a debt still needs to be paid. Dorothy is able to talk him into a new worldview, introducing him to a world of love and care for others instead of the decades of sin that have defined Munch’s life.

  • On the quickness of the raid
  • Witt Farr misjudging Roy
  • Munch as the sin-eater
  • Reflections on the themes of debt and forgiveness
  • Biscuits!

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