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  • The Beatles in black and white, as young men

    The Beatles’s “Taxman”: A Lyrical Over-Analysis

    When you are told to picture The Beatles, the likely chance is that you think of their simple, catchy love songs, which is to do a disservice to the band’s latter work in expanding and diversifying the musical scene then, now, and forever. All of this without getting political…well, almost. One song that sticks out […] More

  • Tim Minchin sings into a microphone

    Tim Minchin’s “Thank You God”: A Lyrical Over-Analysis

    In a list elsewhere, my top 10 Tim Minchin songs article noted that the Australian singer-songwriter’s magnum opus is his iconic “Thank You God“.    An insight into the work of Minchin, this is a go-to zeitgeist for Tim’s sound and a song that encapsulates his whole appeal. As a prolonged and theological argument against […] More

  • POV shot of a starship flying into a colorful pentagon
    in ,

    A Perfect Ten for Carpenter Brut

    The popularity of synthwave has skyrocketed in the last decade, with films like Drive and games like Hotline Miami bringing a genre once thought lost to the ’80s back into the zeitgeist. It’s only gotten more popular since those formative pieces of media, and these days there’s an almost endless number of bands, groups, DJs, […] More

  • An abstract image for the 1997 Radiohead album OK Computer.

    The Bliss of Disappointment: “Let Down” by Radiohead

    The first time I heard “Let Down,” I almost couldn’t believe it was a Radiohead song. The emotions it evoked seemed too optimistic; for a Radiohead song, it felt weirdly comforting. Although there is a sense of melancholy and subdued rage in the lyrics, to me, the music ultimately conveys a feeling of acceptance. Lyrically […] More

  • Still from My Chemical Romance's "welcome to the black parade" music video featuring the band members in black and white military jackets performing on a float
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    Three Cheers For A Perfect Ten — My Chemical Romance

    Comparing other bands in the 2000s emo scene to My Chemical Romance felt like a cheap shot at times. Often, the theatricality of other bands in their camp felt like posturing, their overly verbose lyrics hiding nothing but teen angst and fragile masculinity. With MCR, though, there was something different. The quintet possessed a sense […] More

  • A figure in a black robe sits in the corner, wearing white gloves, on the cover of Bakar's Nobody's Home

    Bakar’s “Free” Is the Uptempo Track We All Need Right Now

    The greatest songs trick us into believing we have caught the singer off-guard; that they have revealed more about themselves then they intended. The bracing candidness of the opening 20 seconds of “Free” show that Bakar clearly knows how to cast this spell. Taken from Camden-born Bakar’s first studio album Nobody’s Home, the sound of […] More

  • A man sitting on a couch, with a woman lying her head in his lap and another man sitting in front of them

    A Warm, Dark Dream: A Love Letter to This Mortal Coil

    There is no better introduction to This Mortal Coil—one of my favorite bands of all time—than the quote that graces the top of their page on 4AD‘s website: “This Mortal Coil was not a band, but a unique collaboration of musicians recording in various permutations, the brainchild of 4AD kingpin Ivo Watts-Russell. The idea was […] More

  • Lissie with a hand to the top of her head on the cover of My Wild West
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    The Wild West Belongs to Lissie

    Lissie is an American country artist from Rock Island, Illinois. Originally performing in a three-piece band with bandmates Eric Sullivan and Lewis Keller, Lissie amicably branched out alone after moving to Iowa in 2015 from Ojai, California. Lissie has four studio albums, and released her first EP in 2009. This was closely followed by her […] More

  • Elton John plays piano while Ed Sheeran sits by a mantleplace decorated with stockings

    The Most Hated Christmas Songs in the World

    Film analysts sometimes say that comedy is the quickest to age and the most likely to age poorly of all genres. The formula for getting a laugh is swiftly imitated until it’s painfully unfunny to sit through, and when coupled with our changing perceptions of what’s an acceptable joke topic, it’s easy for jokes to […] More

  • An X above a horizon, with planets to each side of the frame

    Rage Against the Talent Machine: A Festive Tale of X Factor Fatigue

    December 2009 was a truly bleak midwinter. In a year of deep recession following the prior year’s financial crash, the sub-zero UK temperatures were the least of many people’s sources of misery—and to top it all off, the ghosts of Christmas past still haunted the charts. The position of Christmas number one, you see, is […] More

  • The five ladies of the Spice Girls standing shoulder to shoulder -- Emma Bunton, Mel B, Geri Halliwell, Mel C, Victoria Beckham

    Sizzle for the Season with the Spice Girls “2 Become 1”

    When the Spice Girls served up the single “2 Become 1” 25 years ago, it arrived in time to get its hooks in the holidays. The smooth ballad delivered a dose of sonic sensuality perfect for fueling fireside romance on long winter nights. The fact it connects to Christmas may seem a slender thread, but […] More

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