His Dark Materials S1E8 “Betrayal” A Little Holiday Cheer…or Something

Lyra and Pan go through the mystical portal

Twas the night before Christmas, and there on my screen

Was that HBO series, that stars Dafne Keene.

His Dark Materials Season 1, wow, what a ride

In a holy war, who knows which one’s the right side?


Young Lyra’s gone North, her father to find

Though at first glance, the guy’s gone A Beautiful Mind

His reunion with Lyra’s not like she had planned

When she headed with bears to the cold hinterland

Lyra sits with Asriel, looking expectantly up at him

He’s fixated on Dust, and the lights in the sky

For a parallel world you can see, if you try.

He rejects Lyra, she rejects his own name

Proving that two can play at that game


She’s come all this way to give him the alethiometer

Which he turns out to want no more than he wants her

Representing her father, she got it to work

Never knowing her father was kind of a jerk.


They talk about Dust, as Original Sin

And the portal he’s trying to blast his way in.

The energy needed to aid the endeavor

Is what happens when child and daemon you sever.

Lyra speaks with her big polar bear friend


If he can prove Dust comes from somewhere quite other

Then we’re not to blame for the Sin of the Mother.

In fact (take this theory with a pinch of salt)

If it’s all from the Dust, it means nothing’s our fault!


Mrs. Coulter and Asriel, loves long divorced

Seem to represent the dark and light sides of the Force

They cannot be allies, they can’t be a friend

It’s a toss-up to who’s further gone round the bend


The Magisterium military, Mrs. Coulter affords

Despite how troops all resemble Sith Lords.

Asriel trying to seduce her, I found quite egregious

Him thinking his hotness can sway her allegiance

Asriel, with a sinister look on his face

On this they agree though, when it comes to the slaughter

Of daemons from kids, they do not mean their daughter

Lyra and Pan can stay safe from her pop

But sadly, it’s Roger who’s getting the chop


She has one last evening with her friend and consort

Over sandwiches shared in a big blanket fort.

They think that they’re safe enough—nevertheless

Roger’s once again resident damsel in distress


Mrs. Coulter, for all of the evil she’s done

Still wants to love Lyra, and feel like her mom

Lord Asriel’s proving himself quite unsteady

And he looks like Sean Bean. Can we kill him already?


Meanwhile, Will on the run, on his way to the glen

Avoiding the cops and Lord Boreal’s men

He’s had to leave mum, and uproot his life

To lead the bad guys to a mystical knife


And while on the subject of Will and Black Hats

Could someone please explain his weird thing with cats?

If they keep showing up, to help or to guide,

Will the folk in the other world be button-eyed?

Lyra hugs Iorek the bear

Lyra and bear cavalry show up too late

To save Roger and daemon from horrible fate.

She steps through the portal, prepared for a ride

Wondering what she’ll discover on the other side


What if Dust isn’t evil? What if they’re wrong?

What if her father’s been mad all along?

With big hero shots, in the Spielberg vein

She swears Roger’s death will have not been in vain.


And that’s where they leave us, the first saga done

Overall, I’d say this show has mostly been fun

And if I don’t stay tuned when they drop the next season

Clumsy writing will be the primary reason.


I hope that they fix it, I want to keep on

Since I worry so about Pantalaimon

But that’s all that I’ll say, and all that I’ll write.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!

Written by Cat Smith

Cat Smith is the reigning Miss Nerdstiles, having inherited the crown from absolutely no one, because she made it up. She is an actor, a musician, a cosplayer since before they had a word for it, and a general nuisance (General Nuisance *salute*). She and her ukulele have charmed the collective socks off of LI Who and LI Geek, ReGeneration Who, WHOlanta, Potterverse, Coal Hill Con, Time Eddy, MISTI-Con, Hudson Valley Comic Con, Wicked Faire, SqueeCon, The Way Station, and The Pandorica Restaurant . She has written for "Outside In" and "Why I Geek" (among others), and you can find her music on bandcamp at Consider supporting her continuing adventures by becoming a patron at

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