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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 35 — News, Notes & True Detective: Night Country Part 4

Julia sits outside in the cold
Photograph by Michele K. Short/HBO

This week, on Episode 35 of The TV Obsessive Podcast, Caemeron and Ryan discuss True Detective: Night Country Part 4. But first, in the news:

Lund sits up in his hospital bed and points
Photograph by Michele K. Short/HBO

On True Detective: Night Country Part 4

Chief Danvers searches for evidence, information, and the location of the ice caves where Annie’s video was taken before she died.

Julia’s hallucinations get worse, so Evangeline Navarro checks her into a facility, but when she is still seeing ghosts, Julia escapes and commits suicide, forcing Navarro into a blind rage which gets her beaten up by some miners. After Julia and their mom, she believes she is next—apparently, it started in the Wheeler case that drove Danvers and Navarro apart.

Pete Prior’s home life deteriorates because he can’t say no to Danvers, but he does track down Otis Heins, who suffered similar injuries to the men in the corpsicle and who also mapped the ice caves where Annie was killed.

Meanwhile, Hank Prior’s mail-order bride doesn’t arrive from Russia like she said she would. 

Hank Prior holds a stuffed rabbit as he waits at the airport
Photograph by Michele K. Short/HBO

As daytime emerges, a lead comes in about a man fitting Raymond Clark’s description in the trenches outside of Ennis. Navarro’s hallucinations continue, while Danvers finds Heins, not Clark, who says they’re all in the Night Country now…

  • Are the ghosts real?
  • What happened to Otis?
  • More spirals
  • “Twist and Shout”

Next Time on The TV Obsessive Podcast…

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