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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 37 — News, Notes & True Detective: Night Country Part 6

Danvers stands outside of an icy station
Photograph by Michele K. Short/HBO

This week, on The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 37, Caemeron and Ryan discuss True Detective: Night Country Part 6. But first, in the news:

Danvers sits on a bed looking at a phone
Photograph by Michele K. Short/HBO

On True Detective: Night Country Part 6

Danvers and Navarro set out to explore the ice caves they learned about from Otis, while Pete stays behind to clean up two dead bodies and a whole lot of blood inside Danvers’ house. Pete enlists Rose’s help to get rid of his dad’s body. Meanwhile, he and Kayla seem to make up.

While at the caves both Danvers and Navarro both fall through the ice, but end up in an area that has been set up as a research station and has tunnels that connect to the Tsalal station. Danvers and Navarro stumble upon Raymond Clark and track him back to Tsalal, where he is eventually captured, tied up and beaten. 

Eventually, he comes clean on the whole story about Annie. Annie found the station that was proving increased pollution could increase the likelihood the Tsalal researchers could succeed in their work. She destroys it, but the researchers capture her, and Clark is the one who inevitably kills her. Navarro kills Clark after learning the news.

Danvers suddenly can’t find Navarro, so she tracks her partner outside in the brutal storm, where she falls through the ice into the water. She is saved by Navarro, who helps her to warm up and the two begin to repair their bond. Navarro tells Danvers about her visions of Holden.

The two discover handprints on the opening to the tunnels under Tsalal, which leads them to the Native women in town. In flashbacks, we see they were the ones who forced the men to go outside and strip off their clothes, where they froze to death. 

Danvers, Navarro, and Pete successfully cover up the dead bodies they have left all over Ennis, and five months later seem to have successfully evaded any suspicion. The last scene shows Navarro at Danvers’ lake property, and is left open to our interpretation.

  • What they explained and what they didn’t
  • The role of Holden in this story
  • Callbacks to Season 1: Just vibes?
  • Reflections on Navarro and the ambiguous ending
  • Pete is the true detective…

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