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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 41: News, Notes & Constellation Episode 6

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This week, on The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 41, Caemeron and Ryan discuss Constellation Episode 6. But first, in the news:

Ryan is looking forward to 3 Body Problem on Netflix. Caemeron recommends Pablo Torre Finds Out on TRL having been rigged.

Bud gives Paul an angry look
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On Constellation S1E6, “Paul Is Dead”

Episode 6 switches universes and is told from Paul’s point of view, particularly from the moment of the accident aboard the ISS. In this other reality, Paul survives and returns to Earth while Jo died. In this reality, Magnus and Alice are dealing with Jo’s death and why she was left in space by Paul. 

Paul is questioned as to why he left Jo’s body in space, even though he knows NASA ordered him to do it. His world starts slipping around him as things like his family’s names, details about the mission, and his memory do not line up with the world he is now in. 

Paul confronts Bud (who he thinks is Henry) about what is happening to him and the episode ends with Bud shooting Paul, with his fate unclear as the show heads into the final two episodes.

  • Wait… how many realities are we dealing with?
  • What is the role of the CAL device?
  • How do we account for Alice’s experience?
  • Are Bud and Henry in the same boat as Jo, Paul, and Irena?
  • On the Beatles reference, with thoughts about conspiracy theories

Next Time on The TV Obsessive Podcast…

Join us on Friday (March 22) as we talk about Episode 7 of Constellation on Apple TV+.

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